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Sell ​​African tomato paste flavored homemade

Do you know the Sell ​​African tomato paste flavored homemade? There are many tips in every home-made tomato paste cooking. Which we have mentioned below. Therefore, due to the difficulty of preparing it, it is better to buy it in the factory.

African tomato paste

Homemade Flavored Tomato Paste Cooking Tips

  • Tomato paste is one of the most widely used food condiments in the world, which is used both as a flavoring and as a coloring to a variety of foods. Tomato paste has a special place in Iranian cuisine and tomato paste is used as a seasoning in most traditional and authentic African dishes.
    Prevent mold of tomato paste: Homemade tomato paste is more likely to become moldy because it does not contain preservatives and is made at home. If you follow a few tips, your chances of mold getting mold will be reduced to a minimum. The first thing to do is not let the seeds or skin of the tomato pass through your strainer when you are peeling the tomatoes.
  • Second, do not remove the tomato paste from the heat too soon and allow it to thicken completely, because the loose, watery tomato paste will mold very quickly. And finally, after each use, close the lid of the paste container so that no air enters the tomato paste container from outside.
  • How much paste does each kilogram of tomato give?: This is a question that many people ask and everyone gives a different answer. Normally, 1 kg of paste should be taken from every 4 kg of tomatoes. Of course, this percentage is related to the type of tomato. Watery tomatoes give 1 kg of paste every 5 to 6 kg, but meat tomatoes give 1 kg of paste every 4 kg.
  • Longer shelf life of tomato paste: It is better to keep the tomato paste in glass containers, and in order for the tomato paste to have a longer shelf life and you can keep it out of the refrigerator, we recommend adding a little olive oil on the surface of the tomato paste. This way you can keep the tomato paste without preservatives for up to a year.

How to use tomato paste

  • The best way to use tomato paste is to dilute it in water. The healing properties of the tomato paste will be much greater and more effective when the tomato paste is dissolved in water. The amount of tomato paste to dilute depends on its concentration. The thicker the tomato paste, the more water it will need to dilute. The concentration of tomato paste is measured by an indicator called Brix. In general, it can be said that the healing properties of tomato paste increase with increasing brix.
  • In terms of flavor, consuming tomato paste with garlic, onion and spices is very enjoyable, in addition, onion can also modulate the sugar in tomato paste. Tomato paste can be a good seasoning for a variety of soups, stews and stews, because along with the beans in such foods can provide a variety of nutrients necessary for the human body. Tomato paste is added to many meat-containing foods during the roasting process, improving the taste of the meat.


African tomato paste

Buy cheap African tomato paste

What to do to find original and cheap African tomato paste sales centers? Because making homemade tomato paste, as we mentioned in the previous section, is a difficult task. It is recommended to refer to reputable centers. And buy through it. Which we will introduce to you.

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