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Sell ​​tomato paste aseptic brix 36-38 in worldwide

Are you looking for the best center Sell ​​tomato paste aseptic brix 36-38 in worldwide? Do you want to get acquainted with the company that sends all kinds of these products in the world? So join us.

the best Sell tomato paste aseptic

Tomato paste is one of the most popular condiments. In the following, we will introduce and sell tomato paste aseptic:

  • The aseptic tomato paste produced during the day definitely has more than 2 colors and has 36-36 brix.
  • The wholesale and daily price of any type of tomato paste such as aseptic depends on the season and of course the price of the tomato.
  • Aseptic tomato paste is one of the types of tomato paste in barrels, but because it can be stored longer and does not need a refrigerator, it is also exported.
  • At the same time, production costs and having a vacuum system are higher for the manufacturer. And the price of the day will always be higher than the usual bulk tomato paste.
  • Aseptic Brix tomato paste 38-36 with new barrel suitable for export
  • Aseptic Brix paste 38-36 is sold with a normal barrel suitable for consumption in domestic factories. The production stages of aseptic paste are thermal sterilization of the product, sterilization of packaging and preservation of sterilization during packaging.

Send tomato paste brix 36-38 in worldwide

It is one of the busiest continents in Europe. Where many countries are located. And in these beautiful countries, local food is prepared using tomato paste. For this reason, many wholesalers are active in this field. The prices of their products are different based on Brix. And our company is responsible for sending these products all over the world. We will explain about Brix below:

  • The most important process that must be done in the production of tomato paste is the process of concentration, and this process is directly related to tomato brix. The higher the number of tomato brix, the less concentration it will need to paste. Since the concentrating process in tomato paste factories requires very high costs, it can be concluded that the higher the degree of tomato brix, the more money will be needed to become tomato paste.
  • Although the degree of tomato brix can vary depending on the tomato cultivar used as the raw material for the paste, but assuming that the average degree of tomato brix is ​​5.5, the amount needed to concentrate can be estimated. For example, if the production of tomato paste with brix 33 is to be considered, the tomato with brix 5.5 must be concentrated 6 times (the result of dividing the number 33 by 5.5) to produce the desired product.
  • Every product is measured based on quality factors in order to have a price. The quality of tomato paste will be based on Brix. This term indicates the concentration of tomato paste.
  • The firmer the concentrations, the lower the amount of color and flavor in the food. Of course, provided that it is produced only through the paste itself and has no additives.
  • Brix is ​​a measure of the amount of sugar in a solution that depends on the refractive index. One degree of brix is ​​equal to one gram of sucrose per 100 grams of solution.
  • Brix grade represents the weight percentage of solids in a solution to the total weight of the solution, or in other words, the weight percentage of solids in solution.
  • So the higher the solution in Brix, the higher the concentration of solids in that solution: molasses, for example, and the lower the amount of water in the solution.
  • Specific gravity (volumetric weight-unit weight of volume) of materials varies at different temperatures. Measurements should always be made at a constant temperature to compare and accurately use existing tables for different materials (including molasses).
  • The most accurate way to determine the degree of brix of a solution is to weigh a certain volume of a particular solution (substance). In this method, care must be taken to measure the volume and weight correctly and accurately at laboratory temperature.
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