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Sell ​homemade tomato paste cheap in Qatar

Are you looking to buy and Sell ​homemade tomato paste cheap in Qatar? Contact us for access to the latest prices and the best Asian brands of these products.

Sell ​homemade tomato paste
Sell ​homemade tomato paste

Sell ​​homemade tomato paste

Here is the recipe for home-made tomato paste:

  • To make homemade tomato paste, we first wash the tomatoes. And put in the drain. To drain the excess water, then cut all the tomatoes in half with a knife. And put in a large pot.
    When all the tomatoes are half done, put the pot on the heat. And wait for the tomatoes to juice themselves. And bring to a boil. This way, the skin of the tomatoes peels off very easily. Of course, we still allow it. Boil the tomatoes until slightly soft. Once the tomatoes are soft, the wire mesh with the holes is very small. Put it in a pot or large container and turn off the bottom of the pot.
    Pour the tomatoes little by little or at once (if the wire mesh is large) into the net. And press the tomatoes on the grid. To peel it and the seeds inside the tomatoes easily and pour the tomato juice into the pot or container in which we put the net.
    Be careful not to pass the tomato seeds through the mesh strainer. Because it causes premature mold. When all the tomatoes have passed through the net. Put the pot on the heat and wait. Bring the tomato juice to a boil.
  • After the tomato juice thickened slightly. And when it starts to boil, we add salt to it and stir it. To realize that it has reached a sufficient concentration for tomato paste. Or not, the best and easiest thing is to draw a line on the paste with a spoon. If it took time to fill the gap. That is, it has reached the concentration of tomato paste. And you have to be very careful with tomato paste, and if the gap is quickly filled. You still have to wait and give it time to thicken. If we remove the paste while it is loose, it will cause it. It molds quickly, so wait for it to thicken. We have to stir the tomato paste regularly so that it does not settle. Because it gives us a bad taste and the bottom may turn black. Finally, we add oil to it and stir. And if you want, you can add more oil to it.
  • We turn off the bottom of the pot and let it. Cool until the prepared tomato paste reaches the ambient temperature. Then pour into the desired container and close the lid tightly. And we keep it in the refrigerator and use this healthy and homemade tomato paste for all kinds of foods.
  • Store homemade paste in a clean, dry glass container. Cover the paste with plenty of oil.
    To preserve mold-free homemade tomato paste for a long time, you need to can it. Canning is not difficult, but it does take some time. But it’s worth the effort you put into making the paste.
    First, put the jars and their doors in boiling water for a few minutes. And dry with a clean towel. Pour the paste into the jars so that one centimeter is empty on it. Gently tap the glass on the counter. To disappear if there is a bubble on the paste. Then close the glass tightly.
    Bring a pot of water to a boil. Lower the flame and place the jars in it for half an hour. It should cover a few inches of water on the glass. Canned homemade paste can be stored in a cool, dark place for up to a year.
Sell ​homemade tomato paste
Sell ​homemade tomato paste

Production of cheap tomato paste in Qatar

Qatar is on the verge of the World Cup. And this makes many tourists in this small country. For this reason, the consumption and consequently the production of tomato paste increases here. If you want to get the best and cheapest of these products, contact us.

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