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BEST PRICE BRIX 28-30% 401g TIN TOMATO PASTE are affordable. Foods all over the world need to have a variety of seasonings. Condiments play an important role in the preparation and production of food. Spices and all kinds of sauces and sweets are a key ingredient in cooking today. The canned food is this sentence. Canned Varieties of Vegetables. The canned variety of fruits and canned beans and meat is all this. For example, canned beans and canned corn are among the most consumable of these materials. But stuffers are another story. Sauces and nymphs and beans are from this sentence. Tomato paste today has become a first-class flavor of food. Tomato paste has been replaced by traditional seasonings since 1980. The production of traditional seasonings does not respond to the needs of today’s population. like dried tomatoes.


Health Tomato Paste

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38% are in access. In addition, the level of food safety is also important. Public health centers in cities do not accept other traditional stuffs. The health of the community and public health are important. To this end, all seasonings, including tomato paste, should be hygienic. The health level of these products is determined according to the standards of each country. But there are also solutions for international trade. The international standards of the World Health Organization are for this purpose.


Increased lycopene levels during the production of tomato paste

The more heat and physical damage the tomatoes are, the better. Because it leaves the substance. For this reason, tomato paste has more anti-cancer properties. The process of making tomato paste is the same. Shred tomatoes. Then crush it. Then clean it. Separate grains and grains. After the steps, heat the tomatoes. To reach a thick and sticky bend. This is a sticky paste of tomato paste. Tomato paste is commonly produced today in industrial terms. In this way, the amount of fossil fuels is lower. The produced paste is free of contamination. Free of impurities. Also its additives are very low. The industrial production process is highly under control. That’s why the energy consumption is very low. Hence, the cost and cost of industrial slopes are less.

Export and Import BEST PRICE BRIX 28-30% 401g TIN TOMATO PASTE

In 2006, tomato exports were just over 6 million tons. And 4.8% of global production in that year. The three countries were the major exporter of Mexico, Syria and Spain.

Which countries are the first importers of tomatoes in the same year? Respectively, the USA, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Russia. Nevertheless, the United States and China are the largest exporters of paste. The most important exporting countries Processed Tomatoes and Paste in 2006 were respectively China and the European Union. The United States, Chile and Turkey were also in the next position. Importing countries of tomato paste. What were they in the same year? Respectively, Russia, Japan, the European Union, Mexico and Canada. use price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%.

An increasing trend is the need for tomato paste in the world

Between them, paste and tomato sauce has a lot of uses, especially in the United States. People today have a lot of interest in consuming tomato paste. Industrial Sticks are in Process. Which preserves the taste and aroma of tomatoes. Even new processing methods also keep part of tomato vitamins. That’s why industrial rubbish is produced every day. High quality paste. Also the price is low.

WHO has strong monitoring. It has set strict standards for tomato paste. So you can be more confident to buy a paste. You can buy the industrial paste with confidence. More durable. Better taste. Very beautiful color. And ultimately, its aroma is very much like its own aroma of tomatoes. Great manufacturers are China and the United States. More than half of the paste is produced in the world. According to FAO, tomatoes are grown in 170 countries with different climates. Tomatoes after potatoes and sweet potatoes. Tomatoes have the largest production volume of world tastes. And on top of the watermelon and cabbage.  use price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%.

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