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Buy best tomato paste brand cheap in Asia


Which reputable company should we refer to for Buy best tomato paste brand cheap in Asia? How to export tomato paste to Europe?

Buy best tomato paste brand
Buy best tomato paste brand

Buy best tomato paste brand

  • According to its different formulations, tomato paste can be a delicious paste or a thin, tasteless liquid. Our factory has been able to produce all products derived from tomatoes. To find the best quality tomato paste, be sure to check the production date and expiration date of the product. High-quality tomato paste usually has a pure smell and its color is a little darker than tomatoes.
  • On this site, we mentioned several excellent tomato paste brands. In the past, to buy any of these products, you had to go to its separate representative. Currently, with this site, you have the opportunity to buy all the brands produced directly and online. Major purchase conditions are considered for suppliers and consumers of this
  • product. Dear customers, it is possible to buy all introduced products online. To get more information and get answers to your questions, you can proceed through the site and communicate with the experts of the collection. The price of these products will be very affordable due to their direct supply from the factory door to your desired destination. To experience a successful purchase, you can contact the numbers on the site.

Selling homemade tomato paste

  1. Tomato paste or Roman eggplant paste is a delicious seasoning that is used in all kinds of dishes; In this article, we are going to analyze and examine the market of this product in Asia and Europe so that you know how much each country’s income is from the export of tomato paste.
  2. To make tomato paste, after taking the seeds and skin of the tomatoes, they are cooked for several hours; After reducing its concentration, the product is cooked again to obtain a rich concentrate.
  3. There are two types of local and greenhouse tomatoes available in the market, both types of tomatoes can be used to produce paste.
    Each has advantages and disadvantages; Local tomatoes give less paste, but it prevents the paste from getting moldy and spoiling later; Greenhouse tomatoes are more expensive but produce more paste.
Buy best tomato paste brand
Buy best tomato paste brand

Export of Iranian tomato paste

  • Usually, 10 to 15 kg of paste is obtained for every 100 kg of fleshy and juicy tomatoes; Tomato paste was first produced in Italian homes and factories; To flavor their pasta with a different and new taste, the Italians decided to prepare a sauce from tomato extract, and that is why Sicily and other cities in southern Italy became the birthplace of tomato paste.
  • But currently, tomato paste is one of the modified food products that is used as a seasoning in most foods and is a unique flavoring and coloring agent.
    In the past, everyone used to make their own paste at home in a traditional way; In this traditional method, the tomatoes are washed and soaked in water for a day, and after some time, they are put under pressure until the tomato juice comes out, then they are poured into a strainer to separate the tomato juice from its pulp; After this stage, the filtered tomato water was boiled until it thickened and tomato paste was obtained and stored in clay or glass containers.
  • But today, like all other fields of life, technology has come to the aid of mankind to make tomato paste in the most hygienic conditions, the best packaging, and finally the best quality available to everyone.
  • The main exporters of tomato paste in the world are America, Holland, Italy, European Union, Germany, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Egypt and England, which play an important role in international trade.
    The 10 mentioned countries accounted for an average of 94% of the total exports of this sector during the last five years, and the remaining 6% were distributed in about 80 countries.
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