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Buy export tomato paste – price of tomato paste market

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Buy export tomato paste
Buy export tomato paste

Buy export tomato paste

  1. When buying tomato paste, how much do you pay attention to the consumption time of tomato paste? The date of production and expiration date are written on the
  2. packaging of tomato paste and you can find out how long the shelf life of the product is by looking carefully at them.
  3. Of course, make sure that the tomato paste must be kept in healthy conditions, otherwise it may get moldy much earlier than the expiration date.

Ingredients of tomato paste

  1. Tomato pastes that do not have chemical ingredients or additives in their composition are considered a better option to buy.
  2. To buy tomato paste, it is better to use handmade or homemade products, because they are usually better and do not have harmful additives.
  3. In the continuation of introducing the properties and brands of tomato paste produced by this company, we will reach the property of this product against prostate cancer, as you know, this type of cancer is one of the most common types of cancer among men and the reason Like all cancers, it is the presence of free radicals, which can be prevented by consuming tomato paste in various foods.
Buy export tomato paste
Buy export tomato paste

The price of tomato paste in the market

  • Tomato paste can be sold at different prices. We suggest that you buy tomato paste in reliable packages and that quality is more important to you than quantity.
    A good tomato paste should have the following characteristics:
  • Tomato paste is a food that contains a lot of vitamins.
  • There are various types of vitamins A, B, C, K in this substance, in addition, there are various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. in it.
  • It increases your body’s energy and strengthens your body.
    It contains all the useful amino acids.
  • Lycopene pigment that causes the red color of tomato paste
    It is considered a useful pigment.
    The skin of this product contains carotenoid and helps the activity of the intestines.

Steps to prepare tomato paste

  • The steps to prepare tomato paste are as follows:
    First, quality tomatoes are bought and collected.
  • Tomatoes are produced in different cities of asia.
  • It is natural that the better the tomato used, the better quality paste we will have.
    Harvesting and buying tomatoes is usually done in the summer season.
    In the month of September, paste producers usually purchase tomatoes.
  • The first step after transferring the tomatoes to the factory is to wash them with completely hygienic methods.
    This work is done by special devices and of course we have human supervision.
  • Human forces act to separate healthy tomatoes from unhealthy ones.
    After that, the tomatoes should be put into the chopper to be chopped and then be half-cooked.
  • After that, the tomato juice should be separated from the skin and seeds, and this is done through special filtering devices.
    Now it’s time to cook the paste.
  • In this step, the baking temperature should be adjusted, which can be different according to the desired concentration.
    Special pumps help the product to reach the balance part of the tank and use high temperature to carry out the rest of the steps on it.
  • Adding salt and flavorings is also done at this stage.
    After that, product packaging is done.
    This is done through the filling machine.
  • Now the cans pass through the pasteurization tunnel and then remain in the quarantine period.
    Finally, we have the stage of sharing and offering to the market.
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