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Buy hot break tomato paste with Brix 30_32% in 220 liter drum

Are you going to Buy hot break tomato paste with Brix 30_32% in 220 liter drum? Who is the best producer of aseptic tomato paste? In which countries is bulk tomato paste exported?

Buy hot break tomato paste

Manufacturer of tomato paste in a 220 liter drum

Drum packaging is usually used to buy tomato paste in bulk. Often the size designed for this type of barrel. 220 liters, which is very suitable for export.
And most merchants and wholesalers when they want to buy in bulk. They ask for this kind of packaging. Which are often antibacterial.
And they can be kept out of the box for a longer period of time. That is why this type of drum is used for import and export. So most manufacturers prepare their products in a 220-liter drum.
That is to say, it has the highest demand in the world market.

Buy hot break tomato paste

Buy Hot break Tomato Paste

Tomato paste is usually produced in two ways for export. Hot Bricks and Cold Bricks, which differ in the amount of heat they see when baking.
For more information, check out Hot Brake below:

  • As its name implies. In this method, the tomato is pre-cooked at a temperature of 90 to 95 degrees. This has completely loosened the tomato texture.
  • So when smoothing some of the texture of the fruit or tomato along with its water is separated (so-called viscosity is said to be higher) which will naturally be higher viscosity produced paste.
  •  The tomatoes should be pre-cooked at a high temperature of 90 to 95 degrees.
  •  Therefore, it should be noted that at this temperature we may have burns. Therefore, the burn agent must be removed or trimmed from the system.
  •  This is done with a vacuum tank (made of stainless steel) to reduce bubbles in the crushed tomato. Like most other indirect heat exchangers in the food processing industry, the hot breaker system is shell & tube type. Since the converter is of shell & tube type.
  •  Therefore, a full steel centrifugal pump device is used to generate the flow.
  • According to the above, pre-cooked baking machines are usually more expensive than other types.

Contact our sales expert to buy hot break tomato paste.

Buy hot break tomato paste

Export of tomato paste with Brix 30-32%

As we mentioned in the previous section. Tomato paste for export. Usually in drum packaging. And another important topic in this section. The amount of brix is ​​tomato paste.
As you know, the concentration of tomato paste is called Brix. Available in different percentages to customers.
Here are some of them:

  • 24_28
  • 28_30
  • 30_32
  • 32_34
  • 34_36
  • 36_38

Which kind of percentage he wants according to the customer. Bulk tomato paste is produced with the same brix.
Sometimes some of these buyers have a packaging plant. Tomato paste is exported to various countries.
These include Iraq, Afghanistan, Poland, Russia, the US and Nigeria.

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