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Buy best tomato paste for pasta


Which store should we Buy best tomato paste for pasta from? Is there a way to distinguish original tomato paste from fake?


Producer of tomato paste bulk

  • As you have seen in previous articles. Tomato paste has many properties. And it can even be said that its properties are more than fresh tomato itself. For this reason, the number of people who use this very tasty and nutritious food is increasing every day.
  • That’s why creative producers in America came up with this idea. To prepare this useful seasoning in bulk for the well-being of customers. Because when consumption is high. Tomato paste should be purchased. Because in this case it is more affordable for the consumer.
  • Because they no longer need to pay the exorbitant costs of small packages. Now if you want to get to know these producers. Contact us to introduce the best ones to you.

How to distinguish original tomato paste from fake?

  1. Tomato paste was produced for the first time in Italian homes and factories. Italians decided to flavor their pasta. Prepare a sauce from tomato juice. And it happened that Sicily and other cities in southern Italy became the cradle of tomato paste. Currently, the Mediterranean countries are among the leaders in the production and consumption of tomato paste in the world.
  2. Tomato paste should be one hand and free from any impurities and dark particles, tomato skins and cores. And it should be free of any unpleasant taste or smell, such as the smell of mold or staleness. The only main way to avoid the problems that may occur with the use of counterfeit paste is to use standard products that have health permits and licenses. Before opening the lid of tomato paste, the outer surface of the can should be washed well with dishwashing liquid and then the lid of the can should be opened.
  3. Tomato paste is very sensitive to spoilage. It is better for the paste to last longer and prevent it from getting moldy. After opening the lid of the paste can, pour the contents of the can into a glass container with a lid and put it in the refrigerator. Also, use a clean spoon when using the paste. And after consumption, close the lid of the jar tightly and put it back in the refrigerator. Using sealed jars, lowering storage temperatures, and avoiding wet spoons are all ways to prevent mold growth by limiting oxygen, lowering temperature, and controlling humidity.
  4. In cases where tomato paste is expensive, fraudsters mix it with some pumpkin powder or cooked and crushed pumpkin. And they boil together with tomato paste. Also, in some cases, they add some cooked or mashed potatoes  to it. In addition, another group of fraudsters add some starch to the tomato paste. Starch absorbs some water and as a result the paste looks hard and thick. Sometimes they add more than the allowed amount (maximum 2%) to the salt paste, which is considered fraud.
    The use of crushed tomatoes is not allowed because the possibility of mold in the final product increases and the product becomes discolored.
  5. Coarse filter is used in some factories. And the finishing step is removed, as a result, tomato skin and seeds are also included in the production process. And the possibility of mold increases.
    In some factories, low brix production paste with old production paste that has high brix. It is mixed at the end if the paste with high brix is ​​not in aseptic condition. There is a possibility of secondary microbial contamination and mold.


Buy best tomato paste for pasta

Contact us to buy the best tomato paste. In the following, we will tell you how to prepare sauce for pasta:

  • Take some tomatoes. Cut them into two parts and press them into a large bowl so that the contents inside the skins come out well. Discard the skin of the tomatoes.
  • Then cut some tomatoes into small pieces.
  • second stage
    Add these tomatoes to the previous bowl, mix well and mash a little.
  • third level
    Add grated garlic, butter, red pepper, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and a pinch of salt to the tomatoes.
  • The fourth stage
    Cover the plastic bowl and let it rest at room temperature for at least half an hour. This will allow more juice to come out and the flavors to blend well.
  • The fifth stage
    Put a large pot of water on the flame to boil and sprinkle a small handful of salt in it. When the water boils, put the pasta in the pot.
  • The sixth stage
    Now mix the pasta with the pasta sauce and stir well to melt the hot pasta, butter and parmesan cheese in the sauce. This will make the sauce thicker.
  • The seventh stage
    Taste your pasta and add salt if needed. Now add the chopped basil to the food.
  • The eighth stage
    Your pasta is ready, now put your food in the dishes and decorate it with the remaining pasta sauce. Then add some olive oil and parmesan.
  • Tips for preparing homemade pasta with tomato sauce: If you like, grate the tomatoes to make the sauce softer and more watery. It depends on your taste. Adding paste to tomatoes will make your dish more juicy and
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