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Buying and selling tomato paste canned African


To Buying and selling tomato paste canned African, you don’t need to go to a sales factory in another continent or country in person. It is enough to place your order by exchanging information and talking with our sales expert.

Buying and selling tomato paste
Buying and selling tomato paste

Buying and selling tomato paste

  • Thousands of products are demanded daily, and this process is carried out in people’s lives according to their needs, and buying and selling is also in the form of transactions, tomato paste is one of the products that is being bought and sold in the export market.
  • There are two types of tomato paste preparation, which are used locally and greenhouse, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Local tomatoes give less paste, but higher quality and prevent the paste from getting moldy. Greenhouse tomatoes are more expensive but give more paste. What points should we pay attention to when buying tomato paste:
    Attention to the brand of that product
    Attention to product packaging
    Attention to the amount of preservative
  • Paying attention to the color of tomato paste
    There are other factors when buying paste, such as its price, and paying attention to its production date and expiration date.
Buying and selling tomato paste
Buying and selling tomato paste

Supply of glass tomato paste

  • Glass tomato paste is recommended for most large families because it has a higher amount and is more economical. It is better to store tomato paste in glass containers, because the use of metal cans causes it to transfer the toxins it produces to the paste after a while and accelerate the process of the paste’s destruction. So, when we buy the paste in metal cans, transfer them to special jars for use.
  • Even in the preparation of tomato paste at home, you can use 500 70 gram packages of tomato paste, because some families use the sale of tomato paste produced by themselves for their livelihood. It is better to put them in packages with a certain amount so that they can sell their product more easily. Tomato paste has properties similar to those of tomatoes, and with a variety of antioxidants, it is a good source for meeting this physical need. It also contains amounts of iron, potassium, and various B vitamins. Tomato paste contains vitamin A, which affects the health of the eyes, reproduction, and fetal growth.

The price of tomato paste is 700 grams

  1. To know the price of factory tomato paste, you can refer to the desired brand’s website. Due to the increase in the price of 700 grams of tomato paste, most of the people wanted to consume pastes with lower weight, which have better prices. Tomato paste has vitamin C, which can be useful for faster healing of wounds and even strengthening the immune system. The presence of amounts of iron and potassium in this food helps to regulate the amount of body fluids and improve the function of blood cells.
  2. Tomato paste 800 grams: Beautiful and varied packaging in 800 grams of tomato paste and other weights of paste has caused the customer to be attracted to the packaging of a product first. Tomato paste can also be used as a youth booster. Tomato paste prevents premature aging due to the elimination of free radicals in the body. Consumption of tomatoes is recommended especially to many men, because thick tomato paste with an antioxidant called lycopene can largely prevent the occurrence of cancer, especially prostate cancer. It is also recommended for heart patients who have a history of stroke because it can reduce the risk of repeated stroke and cardiac arrest.
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