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Canned Tomato Pastes easy open

Canned Tomato Pastes are popular today. Also it can be said that the most used in our foods is tomato paste. This nutritious food spells food. Coloring the food. Tomato paste contains tomatoes, water, salt and oil. Tomato paste is prepared industrially and homely.
To make tomato paste, tomatoes should be oval, meaty and juicy. Quite red and ripe. certainly Parts of it are not white, green, or yellow. One of the products that has grown a lot in recent years is tomato paste. It is also a raw material for products such as sauces and canned goods. Each 100 grams of tomato paste has 80 calories.

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The valuable tomatoes in America are known. furthermore Premature tomato contains sulanin. Solanin is a toxic substance. Once it is ready, it can be eaten. certainly Tomato has many kinds. For the preparation of paste, two types of round and pear shapes are used. They are kind of watery and sore. The pear is more solid. Tomatoes used in paste, thin skin and soft tissue. Its color is steep red. Good taste.

Free of mildew. It’s completely over. No coarse core. High temperatures can reduce vitamins. High heat dissolves mineral salts. In the home remedy, direct heat is used. Uncontrolled heat eliminates nutrients. The use of preservatives and additive is the main advantage of a home-made sack. Homemade paste is provided by one’s own supervision. Extreme maintenance reduces nutrients. Store tomato paste after opening in the refrigerator. certainly Unpleasant conditions make moldy tomato paste. Store in a glass container.

Properties of tomato paste

There is a different level of micronutrients in tomatoes.furthermore  Tomato and especially tomato paste prevent prostate cancer. Preventing Breast Cancer. The antioxidant’s strength is higher in paste than raw tomatoes. Cooking tomatoes will release lycopene. This material is present in most fruits. But its concentration and density in tomatoes is very high. The color matter of lycopene can slow the growth of abnormal cells. It can even destroy abnormal and cancerous cells.

A spoonful of tomato paste has only 13 calories and is fat free. furthermore Tomato paste improves immunity. Helps repair body tissues. Helps to function in the red blood cell. Tomato paste has potassium. Potassium helps regulate fluid and minerals in the body. use Wholesale easy open tomato paste tinned.

Sun protection and tomato paste

Tomato paste is rich in and rich in lycopene. Lycopene generates red tomatoes. Lycopene prevents cancer. Prevents heart disease and early aging. Good and healthy tomato paste helps to resist the skin.

It illuminates the skin. The skin is young. furthermore This food protects against skin from ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet radiation can cause premature skin aging and even skin cancer. Adding five tablespoons of tomato paste to a daily diet reduces skin damage. There is the highest concentration of lycopene antioxidants in tomatoes. This amount is equivalent to the low consumption of sunscreen. This add-on is useful. Do not replace the sunscreen. Tomato paste neutralizes UV rays. Tomato paste generates levels of collagen in the skin. Reduces elasticity or wrinkles.

The researchers have recommended that regular 40 grams of tomato paste with 10 grams of olive oil be consumed. Can be any other oil. Lycopene is a solvent in fat. The amount of time it takes is 10 weeks. This compound reduces 40% of skin inflammation and sunburn.

finally, Use tomato paste continuously or not. certainly This paste is one of the most important foods. Which should be in the kitchen. Although tomato paste does not have the color and freshness of tomatoes. But all the properties of tomatoes are fresh in paste. Just a tbsp of tomato paste is enough. All antioxidants, iron, potassium, and vitamin B provide the body. Fresh tomatoes go smoothly. Separate the seeds and skin. Then they cook for a few hours. So it all steam up. The industrial method of producing paste, olive oil is better. Because they add enough salt to the paste.

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