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Direct purchase of tomato paste Aseptic Asian


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Direct purchase of tomato paste
Direct purchase of tomato paste

Direct purchase of tomato paste

We describe the definition of aseptic tomato paste below. Contact us to buy these products:

  • Aseptic tomato paste has gained many fans today. Aseptic is completely different from bulk packaging. Aseptic packaging usually increases the shelf life of the paste and prevents tomato paste from spoiling outside the refrigerator, while bulk pastes must be stored inside the refrigerator. On the other hand, tomato paste is aseptic for export, and this has led to its greater popularity.
  • In general, one of the most important advantages of aseptic tomato paste is that it can be easily stored outside the refrigerator. The septic process consists of three general steps. In the first step, thermal sterilization of the paste is done. In the next step, the packaging is sterilized. In the last stage, activities are carried out to maintain sterilization during packaging.

Sale of aseptic tomato paste

We will explain the purpose of presenting aseptic tomato paste in the rest of this section:

  1. The purpose of packaging products is to prevent them from getting damaged and to preserve the health of the products. For this reason, in all industries and areas of food, medicine, construction, clothing, etc., packaging is used to preserve products. But if food products are not properly packaged, they can pose a serious risk to human health. Tomato paste is one of the foods that spoils quickly in open air and improper temperature and absorbs pollution.
  2. Aseptic tomato paste is a product that is packaged in compliance with all principles of sterilization and is usually used for export. For this reason, this type of tomato paste has many fans among consumers. One of the primary purposes of providing this type of tomato paste is its physical protection. Naturally, this packaging, like all packaging, is used to protect the paste from spilling. Also, this packaging prevents contamination, dust, insects, etc. from entering the paste container, and for this reason, it can increase the life of tomato paste. One of the most important purposes of aseptic is the possibility of keeping the paste packaging in the open space.
  3. Since aseptic tomato paste is also used for export, the high quality of the paste is very important. Therefore, high-quality and fresh tomatoes are used in making this paste. So that the produced paste has an ideal color in addition to taste. Also, the packages are qualitatively and visually like a strong communication bridge between producers and consumers.
    Direct purchase of tomato paste
    Direct purchase of tomato paste

Asian tomato paste export

Important points regarding aseptic tomato paste:

  • Compositions: One of the differences between aseptic tomato paste and other packaging pastes is its composition. This paste is of very high concentration and completely pure. No preservatives or salt are used in the production of this tomato paste. Due to the 100% pureness of the septic paste, the final product is of very high quality.
    Packaging: Many tomato pastes are packed in glass, plastic, metal, etc. containers.
  • But the important thing about septic pastes is to pack them in special bags and then put them in metal barrels. This type of packaging prevents any contamination, dust and germs from entering the paste. Also, this type of packaging helps to maintain the required temperature of the paste and increases its durability in the open space.
    Export: Iran is one of the top exporters of aseptic tomato paste. which exports this product to the countries of Iraq, Russia, Qatar, Poland, Romania, Afghanistan, Armenia, Belarus, etc.
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