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Distribution of metal can tomato paste Iranian in Qatar


Tomato paste is one of the most delicious seasonings in Iranian cuisine. Which is a packaged and organic product. Which makes the food tasty and colorful, also increases its nutritional value. Distribution of metal can tomato paste Iranian in Qatar in this collection. And only reputable and well-known brands. Which sells tomato paste online. And they have customer-friendly and cheap prices.

Distribution of metal can tomato paste

Important points before buying tomato paste

  • Maybe you are one of those people who are always looking to buy high quality metal tomato paste, but you do not know how to distinguish good quality and pure paste from low quality and counterfeit paste, we try to mention some points in this article. We will definitely help you in a better and satisfying purchase.
    One way to tell if you have good quality tomato paste is to smell it. The paste should not smell old, sour and moldy, but should have a fresh and gentle smell. Another important factor when buying paste is its concentration. The paste should not be too hard or loose, such pastes are not cooked properly and are of low quality.
  • It is interesting to know that tomato paste in metal cans has a longer shelf life than tomato paste in glass or plastic containers, so because tomato pastes remain healthy in glass containers, a lot of preservatives are added to them.
    Those who use non-standard tomato paste for any reason, notice the addition of illegal pigments, the presence of some tomato seeds left over and moldy during use.
  • However, they have paid a lot for its preparation and there is no money back guarantee. Now, if they pay attention to the standard mark on the product while shopping, they can maintain their health by making the right choice and at a lower cost.

Distribution of metal can tomato paste

Distribution of metal can tomato paste in Qatar

  • The production of tomato paste in a metal can is done in three separate stages, all of which are fully supervised. At each stage, the process of sterilization and heating is performed and the instructions related to the standardization process are performed according to the physical characteristics.
    After production, the paste is packaged in various models: glass packaging with metal lids, box packaging with opening doors, and in very large pieces with sealed lids, which are for export between the two countries. Due to the standard production process, these pastes have a very high durability and will not require cold space and storage for storage.
  • Distribution of high quality tomato paste prepared from the best tomatoes is done in 700 g bottles all over the country. All stages of tomato paste production have been supervised by the Food and Drug Administration, and from a health point of view, this product is completely safe. One of the prominent features of glass tomato paste is 700 grams of red color and its color quality. Customers from all over the country can request the best glass tomato paste through sales sites.

Price of Iranian tomato paste

  1. Some tomato paste manufacturers also set a pre-determined price for the sale because of the fixed amount of paste jars. They have a lot, they consider it for their product. The type of sale can also affect the price of tomato paste. Direct or indirect sales play a role in the rise and fall of prices.
  2. In addition, other factors in the production of each product also overshadow its price, and manufacturers price their product according to those factors. These factors include all costs used in the production line, such as raw materials. Tomato paste, packaging, printing and paperwork, cartoning and shipping.
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