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Export of hot break aseptic tomato paste to Iraq

Do you know the best way to Export of hot break aseptic tomato paste to Iraq? For information on the lowest price of tomato paste as well as the types of tomato paste and how to send it, you can contact our experienced expert in the field of food sales, through the communication channels at the end of the article.

What is Hot break Aseptic Tomato Paste?

  • Tomato paste is prepared in two ways:
    Your broken tomato paste
    Cold broken paste
    In the first method, tomatoes are pre-cooked at a high temperature, between ninety to ninety degrees. As a result, the tomato texture is actually loosened and when they want to separate the water. Some of the tomato itself enters the water with it and becomes so-called viscosity. And the paste prepared in this way will naturally have a higher viscosity. This method uses expensive devices. And since it takes a very high temperature to cook tomatoes. As a result, the tank, which is often made of steel, heats up a lot. A vacuum tank should be used to reduce the heat in chopped tomatoes during cooking. At the request of the customer, one of these two types of paste is produced.
  • In the cold break process, unlike the hot break, the temperature is lower. Tomatoes are pre-cooked at a temperature of approximately 75 degrees. For this reason, there is no need for a vacuum device to prevent heat burning. Therefore, because it does not cook much, the tomato texture does not pass through the strainer, in which case the viscosity of the paste is lower. The device used to prepare this type of product. Like other equipment in converters, it is from the food industry group in the form of shell & tube. And because in this device, cold materials are used less than hot. As a result, it has a lower price than the other type.


The lowest price of tomato paste in the world

  • Well, as you know, paste is one of the commodities that is traded internationally. Because this product is one of the main food seasonings. And in most countries, they make their main and even traditional dishes delicious and colorful with this additive. And on the other hand, price is one of the most important and effective parameters in choosing any product when buying. For example, a customer may be interested in a particular brand and it does not matter to him at any price.
  • But another consumer should pay attention to the quality and still not consider the price. But in most cases, the price and cost of wanting to buy a product is important to them. Who are often looking for the lowest price. In this case, because it is international, they consider the world price. This is a very important factor, especially for traders. We have tried to list and offer quality products at low prices in the world.


Export of hot break aseptic tomato paste

  1. In this section, we want to talk about the export of bulk tomato paste. Which is in the form of hot break and aseptic. So now we need to know which countries are the top exporters in the world. As a result, we make our purchases from those suppliers. Because usually these people offer their products with higher quality than ordinary manufacturers. The export debate that ensues is usually the buying and selling of paste in bulk. Because sometimes it happens that there are small factories or workshops in a country. Who are just packing this product. And most of them buy the paste in bulk from bigger suppliers and pack it in their own factory with their own brand. The following are the largest exporters of paste worldwide:
    Iran China Turkey America Italy Spain Brazil England
  2. Do you know the advantage of buying paste in drum packaging? Who do you think can use this type of product? Barley tomato paste is usually packaged for export. This type of packaging because it has to be transported over long distances and distances. It is usually designed to be stored outside the refrigerator. So that no damage is done to the materials inside. This means that it is completely antimicrobial and the paste can be stored in it for a longer period of time. But the question for many traders is who can buy a quality product? The exporter of Drum tomato paste should be one of the top producers in the world. Asian countries such as Iran and China can be considered the largest exporters of paste to Africa.
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