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Exporting tomato paste from the factory to Africa

If you intend to Exporting tomato paste from the factory to Africa. We suggest you to contact our experienced sales expert. In this case, you can benefit from special discounts.

Exporting tomato paste from the factory
Exporting tomato paste from the factory

Tomato paste processing equipment

  • A homemade tomato paste maker or juicer is one of the food industry equipment used to make tomato juice or to consume and then sell tomato paste.
    Tomatoes are a summer crop that is commonly used in various forms in most houses.
    Since tomato paste is used in a variety of foods, some families have decided to buy tomatoes and make their own tomato paste.
    This industrial tomato paste maker is one of the most important devices for small businesses and home businesses.
    We already know how a tomato juice machine works and will learn more in the next section.
  • First of all, it should be noted that the tomato press is suitable for domestic production lines.
    In industrial farms and factories, various machines are used for condensation and pasteurization, grinding, and packaging processes.
    This article introduces a homemade tomato paste maker that accelerates the tomato pressing process.
    The machines for the production of tomato paste are available in the market under the name of tomato juicer or tomato paste maker.
    This device is a practical device for separating tomato juice from peel and seeds.
  • There are several types of industrial tomato juicers, some of them have the ability to separate the hard parts of tomatoes and tomato juice from the pulp.
    Others separate just the tomato juice from the pulp, so you should choose your device from two product categories depending on your needs.
    The tomato paste maker machine is very easy to clean and requires no special skills.
    The device can also be used for other occasions such as taking grape extract and pomegranate seed juice.
    The use of these devices in both domestic and industrial centers can be a great help in the production process.
  • The only safety thing when you are using the machine is that you have to be careful when you add tomatoes.
    So, these devices have different capacities, you should choose the one you want based on your needs and workload.
    A tomato squeezer is one of the essential devices for making homemade tomato paste, and if you decide to get into tomato paste making, the purchase of this device will be the most important part of your production process.


Tomato paste production line

  1. Tomatoes enter the plant of the tomato paste in 25 kg boxes or cartons which is the first step where the production line gets started.
    Tomatoes are weighed, placed on a loading platform, and the goods are delivered with baskets.
    The loading platform has a concrete swimming pool, and the floor is filled with water.
    Tomatoes are emptied from barrels.
  2. Of course, the bottom of the pool has a suitable slope.
    Opening the drain valve allows the fresh tomatoes to easily flow into the channel along with the water.
    This duct has an air tube too.
    The air blowing from this pipe boils the tomatoes, and as a result, the tomatoes are better washed.
  3. The tomatoes are moving and then passed through a shower of water for final washing and placed on a sorting table.
    As the tomatoes go through the sorting machines, they are inspected by workers on both sides of the table and other items such as unsuitable tomatoes, tomato puree, or wood that may leak with the tomatoes are removed from the fresh tomatoes.
  4. The washed tomatoes are shredded after passing under a shower where the final washing is carried out, and then crushed by a movable shovel under a movable roof.
    The chopped tomatoes are placed in a tub with a capacity of about one cubic meter which is called the tank scale.
    There are many different types of shredders, but combs or discs are used for tomatoes.
Exporting tomato paste from the factory
Exporting tomato paste from the factory

Exporting tomato paste from the factory

  • As you have seen in the previous sections. Production and export of tomato paste requires extensive equipment and production line. For this reason, when you want to produce a high-quality product, you need to spend a lot of money.
  • But if you intend to export tomato paste to Africa. We suggest you to contact our experienced sales expert. to guide you, in this case you can benefit from special discounts.




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