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High Quality Tomato Paste Wholesale in worldwide


What should we do to be High Quality Tomato Paste Wholesale in worldwide? Well, the answer is clear, we must be able to prepare quality tomato paste. But do you know what are the factors of good tomato paste?

Make High Quality Tomato Paste

  • Tomato paste is a conversion food product that as a tomato extract contains a large amount of the mentioned properties of tomato, which is used as a seasoning in most foods and is a unique flavoring and coloring. In the not so distant past, everyone used to make their own paste traditionally at home. In this traditional method, the tomatoes are washed and soaked in water for a day and eaten, and after a while, they are pressed to get the tomato juice out, then it is poured into a strainer to separate the tomato juice from the pulp. After this stage, boil the strained tomato water until it thickens and the tomato paste is obtained and keep it in earthenware or glass containers.
  • But today, like all other areas of life, technology has come to the aid of human beings to make fresh tomato paste in the healthiest conditions, the highest packaging and ultimately the quality easily available to everyone.
    Wash the large tomato paste clean. Then puree inside a food processor or meat grinder. So that there is no trace of tomato skin and seeds. Place a large copper or enamel saucepan over low heat, add the crushed tomatoes and wait for it to boil and thicken.
  • While the tomatoes are thickening, you should stir it from time to time. When the paste reaches the concentration of yogurt, add salt to it so that it does not become too salty and not too salty, if you want to make the paste firmer and thicker. You should reduce the heat of the flame little by little and stir it constantly until the water evaporates completely. When the paste hardens, remove from the heat and be sure to add salt at the end of cooking the paste.

Best Quality Tomato Paste

  1. Our company will supply you the best organic tomato paste that our clients will need, just try our experience in supplying high quality tomato paste. Our product has significant health advantages over natural products. We buy our initial tomatoes directly from farms in Iran.
  2. Our company provides high quality tomato paste from valuable tomatoes in the Middle East. Our specialists will help you easily get the tomato pastes you need in your desired packaging with the suitable price. The next step would be quality and quantity check up by our expert specialists, guaranteeing our customers about produced products. To get more information about this, you can contact us.

High Quality Tomato Paste Wholesale

  • Basically, high quality tomato paste is what is produced when you cook down tomatoes for a long time, removing as much water as you possibly can, as well as their seeds and skin.
  • That’s useful, because a smaller amount of paste can carry as much flavor as a larger amount of chopped canned tomato, and when fresh tomatoes aren’t in season or aren’t available or take up too much space for whatever reason.
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