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Import of drum tomato paste from Iran to Poland

Which company does it Import of drum tomato paste from Iran to Poland? How to get in touch with the best tomato paste supplier in Iran?
How much is the cheapest tomato paste on the world market? Do you know the buyer of aseptic paste from Warsaw?

Import of drum tomato paste


The best tomato paste supplier in Iran

Tomato paste is one of the most popular products worldwide. Because it is used in most traditional and international dishes.
Even a delicious sauce is needed in the preparation of all kinds of sauces.
For this reason, professional merchants from around the world enter the food industry, including paste.
Because it is very profitable to buy and sell. So we recommend to those who are just trying to get into the business of choosing this product.
On the other hand, wholesalers have been active in this field for some time.
They face the problem of good suppliers in this area. One of the countries that has the best producers of tomato paste is Iran.

Import of drum tomato paste


Import of drum tomato paste to Warsaw

Well, as we mentioned in the previous section, paste is one of the most popular seasonings around the world. But in Europe more people use it in their food.
Warsaw is one of the cities that imports a lot of paste annually. Because the consumption of this city is high.
Of course, businessmen from this capital also send to other nearby cities. There are paste packing factories in this city.
For this reason, merchants buy this product in drums from other producing countries.
And they supply these factories and pack them with the brand name they want. Imports of drum tomato paste to Warsaw are made from different countries such as:

  • Iran
  • China
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Italy
  • Brazil
Import of drum tomato paste



Cheapest wholesale tomato paste on the world market

But as we mentioned above, each country has different prices. Keeping up with the tomato paste business becomes a little difficult.
Because they have to check all of them and get the day’s price. And then choose one between them and make a deal with them.
But the process is very time consuming and costly for these people.
So you have to see what the market is priced for in the world market. Maybe it can be found based on the countries that sell the cheapest product.
Here are some of these effective criteria:

  • Tomato quality
  • Raw materials added
  • exchange rate
  • transport cost
  • Brix Tomato Paste

It can be said that Iran is one of the countries that produces and offers the most quality and cheapest major paste.

Import of drum tomato paste



Buyer of aseptic tomato paste from Poland

As you know Poland is one of the European countries that is at the center of this continent. Its capital is also Warsaw.
A significant amount of tomato paste is exported annually to this country. And most of the tonnage imported is from Iran.
Because Iran has one of the most fertile fields to grow tomatoes.
And because of its excellent condition it has the best price in the world. So there is a lot of businessmen to buy from this country.
aseptic tomato paste with a variety of briquettes is demanded by our customers below:

  • 28-30
  • 30-32
  • 32-36
  • 36-38

Each has a different price because its production process is also different.
Polish buyers of tomato paste can contact the sales expert of the company aymaz to find out the terms of purchase and shipping from Iran to Europe.

OUR PHONE: +989174220960 ( Mr. Moghadam ) Iran
WhatsApp: +989174220960 ( Mr. Moghadam ) Iran
OUR ADDRESS: Molana St ,Sadra Town, Shiraz City, Fars Province, Iran

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