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Preparation of organic tomato paste from tomato seeds in Asia

Do you know the steps of the Preparation of organic tomato paste from tomato seeds in Asia? What is the best way to buy quality tomato paste?

Preparation of organic tomato paste
Preparation of organic tomato paste

Tomato seed cultivation

  • Divide the tomato in half in half and place it in a large bowl. By doing this, a surface of fungi is seen on the seeds. This storage prevents seed-related diseases and affects the growth process of tomatoes.
  • Most people tend to try growing tomatoes at home. This must be done in certain rules and principles in order to be most effective. It is also possible to plant tomatoes in small gardens. In addition, pot cultivation is also done. The properties of tomatoes have made it important to grow this vegetable at home.
  • It is also possible to grow tomatoes under certain conditions. For example, this vegetable can survive in a soilless environment using chemical fertilizers. Of course, these methods are not very desirable. Those who are familiar with growing tomatoes are familiar with the differences between organic and commercial cultivation of this vegetable. The organic sample of this vegetable has a better taste than its commercial sample.
  • For a great tomato harvest, first focus on the seeds. Buy seeds of this vegetable from reputable stores. Use pollinated or genetic samples to plant this plant.
  • If this seed is prepared from a transplanted and controlled plant, the result of planting tomatoes will be different. So be careful in choosing the right seed.
  • Tomatoes are divided into four categories: spherical, cherry, grilled and pasty. Planting tomatoes depends on your consumption. If you want to use these tomatoes to prepare the sauce, it is better to use the grilled and pasta type. Cherry tomatoes are small and are mostly used for garnishes and salads.

How to plant suitable tomato seeds


  1. If you have several containers of different tomato seeds, it is better to identify them by labeling each other. Be careful not to put the lid on the dish. Because it will cause lack of access to oxygen.
  2. Choose a suitable environment to store this container. This environment should be lightless and almost warm. Stir the contents of the container to make this fermentation effective. This is done by forming a fungal surface on the tomatoes. Wait about 2 or 3 days to see these mushrooms. Tomato seeds should be harvested shortly after the formation of fungi. Otherwise they may germinate.
  3. Use a glove to remove the seeds and remove the fungal layer with it. In this case, the grains appear at the bottom of the bowl. Now you need to add the contents of the bowl of water. Wait for the seeds to settle to the bottom and the other parts to stay on the strainer. Now collect the seeds on a strainer and finally wash them with water.
  4. The seeds should be placed on a suitable surface to dry. It is better not to have this surface of cloth or paper. Because it will be difficult to separate the seeds. Place the dried seeds in a cool, dry place. This environment can be a closed container in the refrigerator. Seeds should not be placed in the freezer. Because then they will be hurt.
  5. Consider the last frost when planting tomatoes. Propagate tomatoes 6 to 8 weeks before frost. In this case, choose a home environment for planting. Use plastic pots and. To do this.
    Use moist soil to fill these plastic containers. Of course, you can also use moss to grow tomatoes. This moss must be irrigated. After this step, plant 2 or 3 tomato seeds in the soil. This depth should be one to four inches of soil depth.
Preparation of organic tomato paste
Preparation of organic tomato paste

Preparation of organic tomato paste in Asia

As you know, tomato paste made from organic tomatoes is very strong and high quality. But to prepare this product, you have to work hard. From tomato seed stage to appetite and harvest because it must be free of chemicals. Therefore, the best place to buy this product in Asia is our manufacturing company.

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