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Production of exports tomato paste in Mali

What is the purpose of Production of exports tomato paste in Mali? Then you can contact Mel sales expert to buy our cheapest products.

exports tomato paste

Production of tomato paste in Mali

Mali is one of the countries that has many products in the field of tomato paste. Because the people of this country are aware of the amazing properties of this delicious spice. And for this reason, many manufacturers are working in this field. Here are the properties of tomato paste:

  • Tomato paste has anti-cancer properties
  • The purpose of this article is to investigate the anti-cancer properties of tomato paste; So join us to provide you with useful information
  • Tomato paste is obtained directly from the tomato fruit itself, which is why it contains high amounts of antioxidants; Antioxidants are substances that prevent harmful free radicals from entering the body’s cells. As a result, they greatly reduce the risk of various cancers, especially cancers of the stomach, prostate, intestine, liver and breast.
  • In addition, with large amounts of vitamins C and E, they remove old, worn or dead cells from various organs of the body. And replace them with younger cells; As a result, the incidence of genetic errors and mutations is greatly reduced; Premature aging is also prevented, both of which are risk factors for cancer in most people. By removing them, the probability of getting the mentioned disease can be easily reduced to zero.
  • The lycopene in the paste is much higher than in raw tomatoes. Because the amount of this mineral increases during heating; The main function of this product is almost like antioxidant. And increases its anti-cancer effects.
  • On the other hand, the mentioned spice contains high amounts of calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron and vitamins. All of which strengthen the body’s immune system against cancer.
exports tomato paste

Cheapest of exports tomato paste

There are many tomato paste on the food market. But each has different and high prices for different reasons. But we do so because everyone can use quality and cheap products. We use the cheapest products for export. Some of the most important features of export tomato paste are as follows:
High quality paste should be made from quality and first-class tomatoes. Organic and natural products will have first-class pastes. They also use meat tomatoes in preparing this product. All these factors together lead to improving the quality level of the resulting paste.
Optimal taste is also a feature of export tomato paste. That’s why using it helps to make food taste good. In addition, good quality paste has a high brix. Which means enjoying the right concentration. As a result, it has a better durability.
It is stored in easier conditions. This product is also known as a high quality export paste. The absence of any impurities in the paste can be considered as the salient features of the high quality type.
In processing first-class paste, all necessary standards are observed. This product is also excellent in terms of health. And has all the necessary health permits. Optimal packaging that is intended both to increase marketability and for proper maintenance. And tomato paste exporters export large volumes of this product abroad every year.

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