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Production of industrial tomato paste – price of natural tomato paste


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Excellent Production of industrial tomato paste
Excellent Production of industrial tomato paste

Excellent Production of industrial tomato paste

  • Stages of tomato paste production by industrial method:
    The first step for the production of paste is washing. The washing process is done because it completely cleans the dirt and impurities that are attached to the tomatoes. To wash and clean the tomatoes completely, soak the tomatoes in water for 5-10 minutes. We put them until they are completely clean.
  • The second step is to check the tomatoes on the belt, in this step, the tomatoes are placed on the conveyor belt for inspection and are checked by active human forces, so that even though the tomatoes that are moldy or infected and unripe They can be seen to separate and remove any impurity found in the tomato, they usually put the unripe tomatoes in a warm place so that they ripen over time and use them in the production of paste.
    In the third stage, the tomatoes are transferred to a device called a pulper, which has two toothed jaws, one of which is mobile and the other is fixed, when the tomatoes pass through this jaw They are pressed and cut and completely crushed and become tomato pulp.
  •  In the fourth step, the extra core and shell and all impurities must be separated, which are separated by cylindrical filters in two or three steps, respectively, all coarse and fine particles.
  • In the fifth step, excess water must be evaporated, which uses evaporators under vacuum, which causes the concentration of the paste to take place in a shorter time and at a lower temperature, and gives a better color to the product and preserves its appearance. To make the paste tastier, 2 to 3% salt is added to the pot by suction pumps.
  •  At this stage, the cans should be filled with paste and transferred to the labeling stage, and since the material of the paste can is metal, it has a capacity of one kilo and half a kilo, before filling the cans with the paste They are automatically disinfected and sterilized by steam and are again placed on the conveyor belt and transferred to the filling process, and the filling process is fully automatic. After this step, the cans are closed by a special roller device. And it is placed on the conveyor belt for labeling, so that items such as manufacturing series, expiration date, and production date can be printed.
  •  Finally, we reach the temperature process stage where all the cans are placed in a pot of boiling water and for 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the type of can, they go through the temperature process at a temperature of one hundred degrees Celsius, and then they are sprayed with water. They cool the cans cold.
Excellent Production of industrial tomato paste
Excellent Production of industrial tomato paste

Selling glass tomato paste

  1. To make tomato paste, you must use tomatoes that are large and have a thin skin, and also have a soft texture and a deep red color that makes the paste have a nice color. The tomatoes must be completely healthy and free of any mold and mildew. Pests should be far away, there should be no watery holes inside, and the seeds should not be large and large.
  2. These tomatoes should show resistance to the growth of molds and be ripe when they are harvested, but not to the extent that they are soft and crushed and when you want to pick them, use small containers because it prevents the tomatoes from cracking and crushing.


The price of natural tomato paste

  • One of the reasons why people today do not buy the paste they need from the market and prefer to make homemade paste at home is that the price of market paste is very high and it is not affordable for people, especially large families,
  • and also some The brands of this product are of very low quality and the hygiene principles are not observed at all in its production, and these reasons have caused people not to trust marketed pastes.
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