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purchase Tomato Paste 800g Cans with Brix 28_30%

You can join us to purchase Tomato Paste 800g Cans with Brix 28_30%. Because our company offers you the best tomato paste at great price. You can also negotiate with top tomato paste suppliers.

purchase Tomato Paste 800g

Supplier of Tomato Paste with Brix 28_30%

Tomato paste is one of the seasonings that has different stages of manufacture. And these differences can be due to the percentage of Brix. We will first explain this. To understand the concept and its process:

  • Brix is ​​one of the main foundations of tomato paste. And it’s important for both the manufacturer and the consumer
  •  And it will show the concentration of tomato paste. Brix tomato paste can be said to be the total amount of soluble solids. It is measured by a device called a refractometer.
  • Normally the diluted Brix amount is acceptable to 25. The sweeter the tomatoes. Brix has more colored tomato paste.
  •  And the higher the percentage of tomato brix. Made tomato paste is more desirable quality. The standard Brix grade is typically between 28 and 30%.
  • In the process of tomato paste packaging line, the pure tomato juice from the tomato paste production line comes to this part. To be prepared for condensation and to complete the packaging process.
  •  Tomato paste concentrator or so-called vacuum batch concentrator is one of the tomato paste baking machines in the paste packaging process.
  •  Used to increase the concentration of tomato paste. This machine performs the condensation process using the plate and tube mechanism. The process of converting tomato paste into tomato paste is carried out in a vacuum system. This reduces the boiling point of the boiling water and enhances the quality of the condensation process. Special heaters are used in the heat exchanger part of the machine to prevent burnt water.

Now if you are going to buy tomato paste with Brix mentioned above. You need to know the suppliers that produce this type of brix. That we can help you with this.

purchase Tomato Paste 800g

Prices of tomato paste cans

But what is the price of tomato paste? To answer this question, we need to point out the criteria that make tomato paste different.
Because these same criteria make a difference in the tomato paste rating.
And as you know, tomato paste is produced in different packages.
So one of these parameters is the type of packaging.
That can is one of a kind that sells a lot. Usually people need paste for large grocery stores.
They order this type of paste, which usually depends on the weight and amount of the paste. The higher the price, the higher the price.

purchase Tomato Paste 800g

purchase tomato paste 800g on the market

We saw in the previous section that one of the criteria that makes a difference is the price. The weight of the tomato paste is higher and the higher the price.
But what weight is most demanded in the market? According to most requests from customers we can say that tomato paste can be sold in a variety of weights.
But for various reasons, there are more purchase 800g tomato paste on the market. For example, this weight is more commonly used in restaurants, hotels and high used people.

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