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Seller of tomato paste 70g canned to Iraq

Do you know the best Seller of tomato paste 70g canned to Iraq? What is the price of tomato paste in different weights like 120 grams? Who is the tomato paste exporter in Asia?

Seller of tomato paste


Types of tomato paste produced

Tomato paste is one of the products that are widely grown in countries where tomatoes are grown. Depending on the needs of the people, this product is manufactured in various models.
Here are some of the different types of paste designed by different companies:

  • Jar
  • Tin
  • Canned
  • Drum
  • Tube
  • 5kg tomato paste
  • tin 17kg
  • 10kg canned
  • 70g sachet
  • 220 liter drum
  • 4kg
  • 120 grams
  • 400 g
  • aseptic paste
  • One thousand grams of canned tomato paste
  • Screw
  • Pat
  • Hand Bottle
  • Rotary
  • Hand Glass
  • metal dishes
  • Shrink Pack
  • Easy key open door
  • Packing of different weights

Each of these models is tailored to the needs of each individual. The most popular are canned foods of various weight.

Seller of tomato paste


Price of tomato paste 70 grams

Do you know what is the reason for the price difference in the paste? Here are some of them:

  • Brand name
  • Weight of paste
  • Additives for tomato paste
  •  Package type

For example, the price of tomato paste is determined by different criteria.
For example, a person with a certain weight may want a paste and not pay attention to the brand.
Or someone else just wants to buy a certain brand of paste. The customer can then purchase the product based on the taste of the paste.
So they make and produce tomato paste for different tastes. Paste weights also have different types.
One of them is 70 grams both in sachets and in canned foods.

Seller of tomato paste


Seller of tomato paste natural in Asia

Do you know what the natural tomato paste should be like? Because foods that are not natural can cause diseases in humans. It is best to make sure that your product is organic and natural when shopping.
Tomato paste is no exception, especially as it is used daily in a variety of foods.
But do all the people in the field all offer high quality organic products? Well that’s not the case and you should identify a natural tomato paste seller in Asia.
And always buy from him because you’re sure to use a healthy product.

Seller of tomato paste


Export of canned tomato paste to Iraq

Iraq is one of the Asian countries because it is a hot and dry country. It doesn’t grow tomatoes. And that’s why there aren’t many tomato processing plants there.
This makes it easier for merchants to buy this product from other countries, especially their neighbors.
So here are some of the countries that export paste to the rest of Asia, especially Baghdad:

  • China
  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • America

In the meantime, canned paste is in high demand and is sold at 70 grams and 120 grams.

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