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Selling Iranian tomato paste in Africa


Which seller should I contact to selling Iranian tomato paste in Africa? Which company is the best exporter of tomato paste to South Africa? Get the updated price of tomato paste from us.

selling Iranian tomato paste
selling Iranian tomato paste

Export of aseptic tomato paste from Iran

  • The pastes differ from each other in the type of packaging. One of these types of packaging is aseptic packaging. Aseptic paste refers to paste that is used in bulk and for export abroad. These pastes are packed in big blue barrels.
  • Today, aseptic paste has found a lot of demand inside the country, and the reason is that aseptic pastes are specially packaged. Chemicals and preservatives are not used in the production process of this paste. The paste is produced completely naturally.
  • The tomatoes used in this paste are completely healthy and one of the best tomatoes. The packaging process of this paste is also different from other pastes. These pastes are packed in such a way that no air enters the paste barrels and also the paste is packed in a completely sterile and disinfected environment. These barrels are designed in such a way that they prevent any air from entering them.
  • Also, these barrels have the ability to adjust the temperature and regulate the air inside and prevent the paste from overheating or freezing. For this reason, the use of preservatives in these pastes is no longer necessary. The body of these barrels is very strong and strong and they are resistant to any impact.

Nutritional value of tomato paste

  1. Les red tomato paste has great nutritional value and because it is completely organic, you can see all the properties of tomatoes in it. This product has hematopoietic properties, that’s why its iron is quickly absorbed by the body, and by raising the level of hemoglobin in the blood, it can even remove the weakness and lethargy caused by anemia.
  2. It is useful for purifying the blood and removing its concentration, and it prevents the occurrence of heart attacks when it removes blood vessels. People who use tomatoes can strengthen their skin and hair by receiving vitamin C, in which case sunlight cannot harm the skin.
  3. Among other nutritional values of this product, it can be mentioned that it has a high antioxidant content, which can play a significant role in strengthening the immune system and prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases in the body.
selling Iranian tomato paste
selling Iranian tomato paste

Selling Iranian tomato paste in Africa

  • Paste is an important seasoning for preparing food, which is produced in a traditional and industrial way today. In the preparation of aseptic tomato paste, fleshy and red tomatoes are used, because this paste has a high concentration and gives a good design, color and taste to foods. Pastes have a long shelf life because they are stored in sealed packages. Distributors distribute the paste in domestic and foreign markets so that it is easily available to consumers.
  • Aseptic tomato paste brand is also exported to other countries due to its high quality. This company earns a lot of profit from the export of tomato paste. This seller of tomato paste tries to provide the best services to the customers in the process of delivering the consumable paste to the applicant. You can order the tomato paste you need online from our online store. Or search for our brand among other brands by visiting supermarkets.

Wholesale purchase of aseptic red tomato paste

  1. People who always like red and colorful foods can easily satisfy their needs by buying aseptic tomato paste. Bulk purchase is a good option for consumers because it involves less cost. Because of the high quality and reasonable price of septic pastes, people are more willing to buy them.
  2. This organic product has glass and metal packages that people buy individually or in bulk based on their consumption. Major purchases are always made through special centers where you can experience an economical purchase by visiting them.
    The sites that are designed today are able to offer the product in bulk and in high volume, so you can order this product anywhere in the country and have it delivered to any address you have registered. It brings more prosperity to the market.
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