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supplier of drum tomato paste on the world market

Do you know the best supplier of drum tomato paste on the world market? Where can I get a cheap tomato paste price list?
Who are the biggest exporters of aseptic tomato paste?

supplier of drum tomato paste


supplier of drum tomato paste of 200 liter

Who is the best supplier of drum tomato paste? Well, of course, the best manufacturer should be able to produce an ideal paste.
Now the question may arise as to what qualities a good paste should have? Here are some of them:

  •  The paste is tasty and savory, meaning it should be made with the finest raw materials
  • Must have durability. This means it should not be used in the manufacture of other additives. To prevent mold.
  • Ripe and healthy tomatoes should be prepared. To have a good taste.
  • Tomatoes must be organic and natural
  • Must use sterilization devices. To make the paste healthy.
  • Use standard salt levels. So that it is not harmful to people’s health.

So if a supplier complies with these. Provides the best paste. The drum type is often ordered for 200 liters.

supplier of drum tomato paste


Price list of cheap tomato paste

Well, as you know, tomato paste has different types. This variation is due to different parameters. Here’s the following:

  • Package type
  • Organic or abnormal tomatoes
  • Bulk
  • Drum
  • The amount of brix
  • Weight of paste

For example in the variety of packaging if paste is stored in a variety of glass jars. It’s cheaper than the canned. Or the higher the weight, the higher the price.
As for the Brix paste, as you know, the higher the concentration. The higher the amount of Brix, in fact. For example, Brix is ​​38% more expensive.
So for a more accurate price list. You must first specify the type and model of the slab you need.

supplier of drum tomato paste


Buy bulk tomato paste on the world market

Are you a tomato paste trader? Want to set up a wholesale paste company? Are you distributing tomato paste to cities?
Are you in charge of buying a hotel or large kitchen? Whichever of the above people, it’s best to buy in bulk. Because this way you will be able to save some money on your expenses.
Because the bulk price of this product is lower than its packaging. And this is for two reasons, first, that you don’t pay for the packaging.
And second, you can get special discounts by bulk shopping. But another thing to consider when shopping.
This is because there are many people selling this product on the world market. But not all of them can be trusted because some of them do not provide quality goods. And as we told you in the first section, the best ones should produce an ideal paste.

supplier of drum tomato paste


Export of aseptic tomato paste

What is aseptic Tomato Paste? Do you know the answer to this question? Definitely if you are a merchant of this product or have been for a while selling this product.
You can answer it. But we also explain to people who are new to the business. Aseptic means disinfectant used for the type of packaging used.
This means that a trader usually buys a spicy type when exporting. Because this packaging model can be stored outside the refrigerator for a while.
Without ruining the product inside. Export of paste is done by some companies.
Here are some of the most important aseptic tomato paste exporting countries:

  • Iran
  • China
  • America
  • Italy
  • England
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