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The largest store supplying tomato paste quality in Qatar

Do you know the The largest store supplying tomato paste quality in Qatar? In this article, we first refer to the properties of tomato paste and then to the properties of quality tomato paste

The largest store supplying tomato paste

Unique properties of quality tomato paste in diameter

  • In connection with tomato paste, in addition to the favorable taste it gives to Qatari and international cuisine. It has a high nutritional value due to its nutrients such as antioxidants and other minerals and other vitamins.
  • Tomato paste if produced in a completely hygienic way. It is a rich source of antioxidants, so its consumption strengthens the immune system. And prevents many cancers in the body. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, so its consumption is very important to strengthen eyesight and eye health.
  • Tomato paste contains large amounts of iron and potassium, the presence of these substances in this delicious condiment helps the better functioning of blood cells in the body and the elimination of anemia. Tomato paste contains a lot of fiber, fiber is one of the most important nutrients in tomato paste. Which has a significant impact on gastrointestinal health and better digestion of food in the body. And prevents dryness.
  • Red tomato paste has attracted many applicants in domestic and international markets due to the use of completely standard and hygienic raw materials, excellent quality and popular taste.
  • Tomato paste is a great source of lycopene, lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant that belongs to the family of vitamin A. We often hear the name lycopene in its anti-cancer properties, especially prostate cancer, but recent studies have shown that lycopene in addition to anti-cancer properties It is also effective in reducing the risk of stroke. Studies show that eating about 4 to 8 mg of lycopene per day is good for health, a tablespoon of blessed tomato paste contains 4.6 grams of lycopene.
  • Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant, but it also produces neurotransmitters and collagen, which protect your skin and ligaments. Antioxidant ability prevents free radical damage in the body, Vitamin C prevents damage to your skin from direct radiation Sun protection. Men should get about 90 mg of vitamin C daily; women also need 75 mg of vitamin C daily. Pregnant women should take 80 mg per day and smokers need 30 mg more. One tablespoon of Rojin tomato paste contains 3.5 mg of vitamin C.
  • For better access to this product, many active agencies across the country are involved. Through them, you can buy this product with guaranteed quality and reasonable price in the shortest possible time.
The largest store supplying tomato paste

The largest store of tomato paste in Doha

Doha is a city on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Today we are going to introduce the biggest tomato paste supply store in this city. In order to provide quality tomato paste with guaranteed and wholesale price, you can supply and distribute this product directly and without intermediaries through the largest and most reputable store.

One of the most important features and characteristics of our tomato paste are the following:

  • Due to the lack of use of preservatives, it has a high durability.
  • It has a plastic lid and an easy-to-open door.
  • Refined salt is used in the production of this product.
  • The most modern and advanced technologies in the world have been used to prepare this paste. Bagged tomato paste is another type of tomato paste produced in our company, which is one of the most important uses of this paste due to its smaller volume and weight. It can be used for home use, travel, student dormitories, etc. He mentioned at the picnic and.
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