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tomato paste export market Asian – European tomato paste import


Do you know the biggest and most reliable tomato paste export market Asian – European tomato paste import? Do you want to know the latest price of aseptic tomato paste? Get in touch with our professional sales expert.

Tomato paste export market Asian
Tomato paste export market Asian

Tomato paste export market Asian

  1. What is export? It consists of communicating and working with professional markets and market professionals on the other side of the borders. Exporting is the starting point of communicating with others. Export is for the economic growth and development of the country, which results from the sale of products or services to other countries to earn foreign exchange income.
  2. Asian continent, due to its diverse climate and four seasons, has the possibility of producing tomatoes in different parts of the country all year round. A part of this product is converted into tomato paste in many domestic factories. The surplus of these products is exported to other parts of the world.
  3. Due to the increase in demand, especially in neighboring European countries, the amount of Asian tomato paste exports has always been on the rise. This increase in demand has made more Asian producers interested in exporting tomato paste.

Large producer of tomato paste

  • The annual consumption of this very popular seasoning in the world is approximately 40 million tons. Tomato paste is one of the most widely used seasonings in factories producing food products, restaurants and home foods. Therefore, according to the increase in global demand, the export of tomato paste has always been increasing.
  • Germany, Japan, France and England are the largest importers of tomato paste in the world and the countries of America, Italy, Spain and China are also the largest exporters of this popular product. Iran is among the top 10 tomato paste exporting countries in the world.
  • Neighboring countries, especially Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Tajikistan, are among the most important target markets for Iran’s tomato paste exports. Among them, Iraq, Russia and Afghanistan have the largest share.
Tomato paste export market Asian
Tomato paste export market Asian

Importing tomato paste from Europe

  • Considering that tomato paste is considered one of the most important food ingredients in every kitchen, it is necessary that it has excellent taste and color and is prepared in a completely healthy and hygienic way.
  • In fact, organic tomato paste is prepared from tomatoes without chemical fertilizers, and during the cooking process of the paste, no preservatives are used to increase the shelf life of the organic paste.
  • For this reason, organic tomato paste has a unique taste and gives a wonderful taste to food.
  • If the healthy and organic nature of tomato paste is important to you, we recommend that you buy this product from producers who are sure to use quality tomatoes for the production of paste and avoid harmful additives.

Buy aseptic packaging tomato paste

  1. Although the packaging is done according to the customer’s order. According to their market consumption, customers order sachet, can, glass and even bulk or aseptic packaging in different weights. Today, there is a common food packaging method called Aseptic, which has many fans.
    In the aseptic method, food is produced in a short time and under vacuum to maintain its quality well. These products are packaged in sterilized bags or large containers and have a long shelf life without the need for refrigeration. Aseptic paste has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years.
    It should be noted that septic paste is only produced for export and not for domestic consumption. The weight and packaging material also depends on the customer’s order.
    If you need expert advice on this collection, we invite you to contact our experienced experts.
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