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buy Tomato paste from store

Tomato paste is distributed in many supermarket stores and is also exported. Tomato paste store offer different brands in different weight classes. Purchasing from these stores is a major order registration .Tomato paste is distributed in Iran with different brands. Shiraz is the pole of production of this product. Keep in mind that tomato paste in different stores can have different quality and prices.

 Tomato paste store
Tomato paste store

Manufacturers have distributed a variety of brands with lower brix in stores. These samples were required by the customer and the buyer. What are you looking for in tomato paste? Do you know where brands are produced?Most produce branded tomato paste with BRIX 18. which is suitable for export And use other manufacturers quality samples for domestic supply.

In the authentic Tomato paste store, before ordering, customers are asked if you want to export or distribute it to the appropriate sample.Tomato paste store do more bulk purchases And as a result, it can provide a discount for buyers. Tomato paste with different names on the market. These brands can be of different quality.


Brands are priced in stores based on their brand name and the market concentration of ribs. Tomato is usually produced in cans for consumption of standard Iranian food.Our company has the ability to supply tomato paste to most existing stores in Iran.We have the ability to supply them with manufacturers through long contracts with the Tomato Shop.Why are tomato shops choosing our company?

exporters and importers :

Perhaps the biggest reason for choosing our company is that the delivery and delivery of goods to tomato shops at the appointed time is done.Most exporters and importers of this product also work with us. All importers in different countries provide us with just one phone call for all our products.They believe in the quality of paste in Iran and they make all their purchases from our stores.

OUR PHONE: +989174220960 ( Mr. Moghadam ) Iran
WhatsApp: +989174220960 ( Mr. Moghadam ) Iran
OUR ADDRESS: Molana St ,Sadra Town, Shiraz City, Fars Province, Iran

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