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Wholesale sales and buy of tomato paste in Asia



Tomato paste is mostly traded in the market in bulk. The bulk purchase and sale of tomato paste in various levels has a variety of. In the following, we refer to the standards of this product.

Wholesale sales and buy of tomato paste

Standards in tomato paste

  • Tomato is one of the most widely used agricultural products. Its use, both fresh and processed, has been growing.
    The use of fresh tomatoes has been expanding due to the increasing tendency of people to consume various salads and the use of tomato products such as tomato sauce and paste, due to the familiarity of the world with tomato products and the emergence of export fields. Is.
    Tomato paste is one of the most important tomato products. It is produced in different forms such as bulk, aseptic and canned.
    The National Standards Organization of Asia has not yet made any recommendations regarding aseptic tomato paste. And the standard for bulk tomato paste is more focused on the maintenance ritual.
  • The definitions of tomato paste are given below. Standards related to physical and chemical properties: Physical and chemical properties of tomato paste mean properties such as brix (amount of soluble substances), amount of table salt, pH, etc. Based on them, the quality of tomato paste can be evaluated.
    Tomato paste standards based on physical and chemical properties provided by the National Standards Organization are as follows:
  • Filling rate: Filling rate, tomato paste in accordance with the Asian National Organizational Standards, should be at least 90%.
    brix: The brix of tomato paste is at least 25% according to the standards of the National Standards Organization.
    PH: The acidity of tomato paste is determined by the pH index. According to the standards of tomato paste of the National Standards Organization, the pH of tomato paste should be a maximum of 4.3.
    Edible salt: The only additive allowed to be added to tomato paste is table salt.
    The amount of table salt that can be added to tomato paste, according to the criteria of the National Organization for Standardization, is a maximum of 1.5 percent.
    Skin residue with dimensions of 1 to 3 mm: Tomato skin pieces left over from the peeling process, according to the rules of the National Standards Organization, should not exceed 10 pieces in each can.
  • Conclusion: According to the rules of the Asian National Standards Organization, adding any dyes and preservatives to tomato paste is prohibited. The only permitted additive that is added to tomato paste for better taste is table salt, which should not be more than 1.5%.
Wholesale sales and buy of tomato paste

Wholesale sales and buy of tomato paste

  • Tomato paste is mostly bought and sold in the market. Wholesale sales and buy of tomato paste at various levels are diverse. If a person buys tomato paste for home consumption from a wholesaler with one or more loose numbers, the word bulk purchase can be considered for it.
  • On the other hand, for people who sell food, tonnage purchases can mean a lot. Which is often not less than 10 people. The price of tomato paste can be different for the buyer accordingly.
  • Some brands have delivery prices. And some just deliver the factory door and use the XWORK price. Buying and selling tomato paste, like any other food product, is very prosperous due to the need of the market.
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