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Wholesale tin can tomato paste cheap in Africa

5 kg cans of industrial tomato paste are available in 4-digit packages for export and domestic sale, with guaranteed quality and natural color with standard brand brix. How is the Wholesale tin can tomato paste cheap in Africa?

Wholesale tin can tomato paste

Specifications of tin tomato paste

  • Tomato paste in Aleppo packaging should have more strength as well as better storage, tomato paste. For this purpose, stronger sheets are used to make it.
    Concentrated and firm paste
    Use of table salt
    Brix 27%
    Available in weights of 9000 grams and 17000 grams
    No additives
    high durability
    This product is made only from organic and healthy tomatoes
    Tin tomato paste has a standard mark
    Tomato paste contains a health logo
    Has the full name and logo of the factory on the package
    Has a production and expiration date
    The tin package is completely sealed after filling
Wholesale tin can tomato paste

Price of tin tomato paste

  • The price of tin paste is calculated based on the following:
    order amount
    Time of purchase
    domestic sales
    Sales for export
    Buy from the factory
    Buy from intermediaries
    Due to the inflation of the dollar rate, the price of tomato paste is variable and up to date. It is also calculated in foreign currency. To contact, please refer to the bottom of the page.

Wholesale tin can paste

  1. This paste is in large and spacious packages of metal tin, which is made of stainless metal, and the type of package of this product has made it fresh and its quality remains for a long time, without getting old or moldy and has a real taste. Lose it. Now the tin tomato pastes, which have all the necessary standards, are ready to be sold in weights of 9 and 17 kg.
    Tomato paste has an extraordinary quality and is prepared from the best raw materials. And its consumption gives a very good flavor to foods. Uniform texture, wonderful aroma and color and sufficient consistency are the features of tomato paste.
    Consumers of tin tomato paste
    Fast foods
    Large public and private offices
    Traders and Exporters
    First class tin tomato paste
    Today, tomato paste has become one of the most important foods without which it would not be possible to cook colorful, glazed and delicious foods. But since health is a precious gem of human existence, then one should be diligent in preserving it, and if tomato paste is to be used in food preparation, it is better to use organic tomato paste, not just any product that is just a name. Carry the paste with you and will bring a lot of risks and dangers to the health of the body. To get a better understanding of the properties of organic tomato paste, we have prepared the following:
  2. This product is made only from organic and healthy tomatoes.
    If you take a superficial look at the appearance of the paste, the natural red color that belongs to the color of tomatoes. You will see that it is neither too bright nor too light.
    You will feel the fragrant smell of tomato from this paste, much faster than other available pastes
    Traders and merchants who intend to buy tomato paste in the weight of 5 kg and other weights and packages of our brand, for domestic sale and export to different countries. They can register the amount of their orders through the numbers available on this site. , And be in production queue. Orders are placed in production queue based on the registration date. It should be noted that one of the salient features of the Food Industries Company, which produces quality tomato paste, is that its products are up-to-date, which provides the final product to consumers.
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