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Buy online Cold Break Tomato paste brix 36-38% from Asia

Buy online Tomato paste brix 36-38% from Asia is the best way to make these products. Especially the supply of tomato paste in these days of quarantine and the release of Quid 19 is more useful.

Buy online Cold Break Tomato paste
Buy online Cold Break Tomato paste

Buy Online Cold Break Tomato Paste

First of all, we want to get acquainted with the Cold Break process:

In the process of producing the paste, after the tomatoes are crushed by the crash machine or the tomato crusher, the resulting tomato juice pulp enters the per heater.

 So that it is softened by the heat applied by the device and the cleaning operation on it is done more easily.

The heat applied by this device is caused by two processes, hot break and cold break.

Cold break is a temperature applied below 70 اد C. The reason is the increased activity of enzymes.

 One of the features of Cold Break is the reduction of viscosity or viscosity.

 This is one of the advantages and disadvantages of Cold Break over Hot Break. The final product has a natural color and fresh taste. While another study found that the opposite is true, there is a better taste and smell in the hot break process.

In the Hot Break and Cold Break process, it was found that in the Hot Break process, the final product tastes better.

 It also reduces the viscosity and viscosity of the final product in the Cold Break process. They also get help from this process to produce a cheaper product.

 On the other hand, having a fresher flavor adds to the quality of the product but increases its cost.

Which is the best way to buy online Cold Break tomato paste. Because it saves money. Especially now that we have to stay home because of Kuid 19.

Buy online Cold Break Tomato paste
Buy Online Cold Break Tomato Paste

Supply of tomato paste Brix 36-38%

Tomato paste is offered based on various parameters. One of them is BRICS and it is usually requested with 36-38% in exports, which we will define below.

Brix is ​​one of the main bases for preparing tomato paste. And it’s important for both the producer and the consumer. And it will show the percentage of tomato paste concentration. Brix of tomato paste can be said to be the total amount of water-soluble solids and is measured by a device called a refractometer.

Normally, the acceptable amount of brix is ​​25. The sweeter the tomato, the more brisket the tomato paste has. And the higher the percentage of tomato brix. Made tomato paste has a better quality. The standard Brix grade is typically between 25 and 28, which is approved by the National Standard Organization of Iran.

Preparation of tomato paste begins with washing and cleaning the tomatoes. After that, the tomatoes are crushed with special machines. When they are crushed, they add some heat to the tomatoes. To kill tomato enzymes. And the skin and seeds of tomatoes are simply separated from their flesh.

After crushing, the tomatoes are filtered with a filter. Until the water is completely separated, the tomato juice is then poured into the thickener and pressed under pressure and vacuum. Until the tomato juice becomes tomato paste. When the Brix of solid tomato juice paste material reached twenty-eight, the standard Brix. It will be packed in special cans.

Buy online Cold Break Tomato paste
Buy Online Cold Break Tomato Paste

How to send tomato paste from Asia

search for your product in different parts of the site. Then email us your official request according to the amount of your purchase. And then our experts will contact you. We ship tomato paste products from Asia to all over the world. It varies depending on the destination country and the number of orders, as well as the time of delivery of the goods. But most of the time you will get it in the shortest time.

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