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How to make tomato sauce Brix 28-30% for Italian spaghetti

Do you know How to make tomato sauce Brix 28-30% for Italian spaghetti? Where to buy the best type of tomato paste? To answer these questions, read this article to the end.

make tomato sauce
make tomato sauce

How to make tomato sauce for spaghetti

In some foods, if we use tomato sauce instead of tomato paste. It tastes better and spaghetti is one of those foods. Here’s how to make a tomato sauce homemade:

  • Tomatoes: 800 g
  • Olive oil: 1 tbsp
  • Garlic: 2 cloves
  • Finely chopped onions: 1 pc
  • Thyme powder: Teaspoon
  • Salt and chopped black pepper: as needed
  1. Put a pan on a low heat and pour a tablespoon of oil into it to heat. Then pour the garlic and onion into the oil and fry for 2 to 4 minutes until the onions are clear.
  2. Put the tomatoes in boiling water for a few minutes to easily peel them. Then grate them and add to the roasted onions.
  3. Pour the thyme powder over the tomatoes and put them on the heat for half an hour to cook with the onions and garlic and the tomatoes are crushed and thickened.
  4. Finally, add enough salt and pepper to the prepared sauce.
make tomato sauce
make tomato sauce

Best Tomato Sauce Brix 28-30%

As you saw in the previous section, you can also prepare tomato sauce at home. But it never tastes like factory tomato sauce. Because in the factory, the necessary standards for the production of this condiment are observed. One of them is the Brix index, which is usually 36-38% for the sauce. In the following, we will give you information about this index:

  • The tomato paste brix indicates the firmness of the tomato paste. This percentage of concentration indicates this. For example, he poured a few tablespoons of tomato paste into the food and waited for the desired color and aroma. Tomato paste that is made at home is not measured with Brexit tomato paste. Because the person who prepared it has used his taste and experience as a criterion. To have a good concentration for your tomato paste.
  • But in the purchase and sale of industrial tomato paste Brix tomato paste is very effective in quality and price. The standard inside the box is twenty-seven to twenty-nine. And below 20 percent is called diluted tomato paste. Brix is ​​one of the main indicators of the quality of tomato paste.
  • The best tomato paste should be measured using the standard Brexit methods.
  • To calculate brix, tomato paste should be diluted with water. If twelve percent is a solid, checking the concentration of tomato paste in brix different tomato paste indicates that as the percentage of brix increases, the error in calculating the concentration of tomato paste to The Bostovik style is on the rise.
  • The results show that the variety has no effect on the accuracy of the Bostwick method of measuring the concentration. But Brix put the tomato paste and the size of the heat effect on the accuracy of the concentration measurement in increasing the Bostwick concentration gauge error, especially in the Brix tomato paste.
  • Research has shown that heating a dilute paste to forty-five degrees and then cooling it down can greatly reduce the error of calculating the concentration. Also, by using the regression relationship between brix tomato paste and temperature with Bostovik concentration, the exact amount of concentration can be obtained.
make tomato sauce
make tomato sauce

Buy Italian tomato sauce

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