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Buy packaged tomato paste – BRIX tomato paste

What is the first step to Buy packaged tomato paste – BRIX tomato paste from a reputable company? Contact our professional expert to get information about the price and types of products.

Buy packaged tomato paste
Buy packaged tomato paste

Buy packaged tomato paste

  1. Packaged tomato paste has a great taste and is considered one of the most popular seasonings in Asia and the world.
  2. Red tomato paste is one of the most widely used seasonings in cooking, which gives a wonderful color and taste to food.
  3. Tomato paste is seen in red color and is produced by cooking fresh and high-quality tomatoes.
  4. It is produced in a completely hygienic and standard environment and has a very good cooking quality. This product is used every day in the preparation of all kinds of food
Buy packaged tomato paste
Buy packaged tomato paste

Supplier of tomato paste

  • The following equipment may be found in the factory: Preparation department. Washing machine (for washing tomatoes completely). Conveyor belt subject to inspection (for manual inspection and grading of tomatoes). Elevator (with thermal brake system).
  • Cutting system: immediate cutting and heating of chopped tomatoes to preserve pectin. Pulper (remove seeds and get soft pulp as output). Standard glass processing department (add ingredients for making ketchup). Vacuum evaporator (for vacuum concentration). Pasteurized (pasteurizes ketchup/sauce/ketchup).
  • Shovel filling aseptic bags (filling ketchup in aseptic bags). Automatically fills itself (for filling ketchup or ketchup in tin cans).
  • Bottling to fill ketchup or tomato sauce in glass or PET bottles.
  • Our range of tomato processing equipment is designed to improve productivity, performance and user-friendliness, while simultaneously reducing wasted energy, time and money.
  • Our methods allow us to accomplish these specific goals without compromising the quality of the final output in any way. When you use our technology and equipment to make tomato juice, dice, paste or puree, the finished products will be of the best quality in terms of appearance, taste and level of freshness.
  • This is because our experts have a deep understanding of the complexities of the machinery they deal with, as well as the specific needs of the industries and markets they serve. Tomato processing, as well as the food processing sector as a whole, is one of the areas in which we are always striving to improve and develop, thanks to our commitment to the prosperity of our business partners.

brix tomato paste

  • In fact, in simple and fluent words, brix of tomato paste means the unit of measurement of the degree of concentration in tomato paste. In scientific and professional terms, Brix means the amount and proportion of soluble substances in tomato paste. Of course, this percentage is calculated without salt.
  • Brix is an important measure and an official unit for tomato paste. The National Standard Organization grades tomato paste by this amount and records their Brix value. For example, if your tomato paste is very thick, its Brix degree will be high.
  • Of course, most of the time Brix measurement of tomato paste is not calculated and measured in homemade tomato paste. Homemade tomato paste, especially products that are cooked for personal use and not for sale, are cooked with taste and personal interest. For example, you prefer the tomato paste you cook to be very thick and firm.
  • But someone else doesn’t like it like this and wants a thin and mild tomato paste. For this reason, the amount of brix in homemade tomato paste is completely different and arbitrary.
  • But in industrial tomato paste, the amount and percentage of concentration of the product must be accurately recorded and communicated to the customer. Brix percentage makes a difference in the price and quality of products.
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