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Buy quality tomato paste homemade in Sri Lanka

What is the best way to Buy quality tomato paste homemade in Sri Lanka? Do you know how to store opened tomato paste?

Buy quality tomato paste

How to store homemade tomato paste

  • Keeping homemade paste in the freezer: Once you have made enough homemade paste, you need to think about taking care of it.
  • First of all, the best container for home paste care is a glass container that hardens the lid well. The glass does not react with its inner material and this helps your paste stay pure and new.
  • It does not make much difference whether you keep the home-made paste in the freezer or in the refrigerator, you can put one of the required glasses on the upper floors of the refrigerator and put the rest in the freezer and take it out gradually. The important point here is that if you decide to keep your homemade paste in the freezer, do not fill the containers completely so that it does not leave in the freezer.
  • To keep pastes healthy and fresh for longer, never put a wet or greasy spoon in the pan as this will cause your homemade paste to become moldy.
  • Tips for storing the paste: The container in which you are going to pour the paste should be completely dry and clean.
  • Pour oil on the paste so that air does not enter the paste and the paste does not mold. It is better to melt solid oil and pour it on all jars of paste. Oil prevents air from penetrating into the glass. When cooking tomato paste, add oil to the paste at the end of cooking to increase the shelf life of the paste. The lid of the paste container should be completely tight to prevent air from entering it.
  • After cooking the paste and making the paste container, put the paste container on the opposite side of the container lid overnight so that the air inside the glass is completely removed from the container.
  • Add salt to the tomato paste while cooking to prevent the paste from spoiling. Place the paste container in a cool place.
Buy quality tomato paste

Buy quality tomato paste in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a high consumption of spices and pastes among food condiments. Buy quality tomato paste easily through our company. Here are the differences between the paste in the packaging of the can and the glass:

  •  The taste of the paste is influenced by the tomato cultivar and the climatic conditions of its growth. In a way, during the tomato season in the warm months, the taste of the paste was sweeter. And as the temperature decreases during the season, it gets a little more sour. Of course, it should be considered if poor quality pickled tomatoes are used. The taste of sourness will definitely be felt.
  • All cans of paste have an expiration date that the product is transferred into the glass after opening. The can, while being lighter, is very suitable for transporting and handling in the process of distribution or storage in warehouses and houses due to its strong joints. However, we recommend that the product be transferred into a glass after opening and exposing to ambient air. Because the glass body has better chemical resistance in the presence of air. And in no way do the ingredients of the glass react with the product inside.
  • If the quality raw materials are used and the production is done under hygienic conditions, which is called (GMP Good Manufacturing Practice), the final product will be completely healthy. In our factory, the paste products are in the production hall, whose surfaces and air are disinfected every day. And with machines that comply with international CIP standards. It is produced and all raw materials are selected from the most reputable suppliers and from the best types.
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