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Tomato Sauce Production Line Organic in Armenia

How does the Tomato Sauce Production Line Organic in Armenia work? What is the nearest tomato paste sales agency in Yerevan to you?

Tomato Sauce Production Line

How Works Yerevan Tomato Sauce Production Line

In this article, we want to explain how the tomato sauce production line works in Yerevan:

  • The production line of can and glass paste in our company has been modern and fully automatic. The cans and glass are emptied by a depolarizer without manual intervention. The cans are filled into the filling and the lid closes quickly.
    The red color of the paste, which is influenced by the type of tomato and the operations performed on it, is a quality factor that can be quantified using the best technologies of the day. And the color of the paste can be reported as a number. This is done by a colorimeter.
  • Accordingly, monitoring the color of tomatoes and pastes was not used to taste. And is carefully controlled and monitored. Another factor in the quality of the paste, which of course goes beyond national standards. Its irrigation quality is and can be measured by laboratory methods. “Good paste” is a paste that, by taking a spoon from it, has the least amount of hydration.
  • The tomato sauce production line was also fully automatic. And only by the command of digital boards, the materials are weighed and mixed accurately and transferred to certain tanks. This product line, like other product lines of our company, can be controlled and monitored online. And the memory card of the devices allows the company to do this. That information can be stored and available for years to come.
  • Once the tomato sauce formulation is ready, it is pumped into the pasteurizer. And there, under a certain and precise temperature, in a short time, all possible causes of corruption in it are eliminated. Kadbano tomato sauce production line is equipped with a homogenizer. Which puts the texture of the sauce under pressure of more than one hundred atmospheres.
  • Under this pressure, the texture of the sauce becomes very homogeneous and shiny, and the active ingredients of the spices penetrate completely into it. The separator also removes all the interstitial air from the sauce on the production line. Which prevents further reactions and darkening. In the tomato sauce production line, the bottles are placed automatically and at a speed that can be adjusted with a filling machine.
    Ketchup filler is a system consisting of three parts. He removed the bottles from one side at a speed of about 240 beats per minute. And sterile air is blown inside them. On the other hand, ketchup is filled inside the bottles and their lids are closed immediately. In tomato sauce factories, hot ketchup bottles are placed in cold water basins. First, not all bottles are cooled evenly.
    And secondly, there is a possibility of water leaking into the bottle. But in our company, the bottles have passed through a 26-meter cold water spray tunnel. And they cool down quickly and reach room temperature. After leaving the cold water tunnel, the saucers are dried and labeled.
Tomato Sauce Production Line

 Sales agency of organic tomato paste in Armenia

Armenia is one of the most pleasant countries in Asia. In which foods are cooked that are seasoned with tomato paste. And they have a lot of fans among tourists. So if you are looking to buy a quality and organic product. Visit our sales representative to make your food taste good and colorful.

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