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Buy the right tomato paste from Benin

What points should be considered to Buy the right tomato paste from Benin? In the following, we have mentioned the characteristics of different types of tomatoes and effective scientific factors in preparing the appropriate paste.

tomato paste from Benin

Characteristics of suitable tomato paste types

The best tomato seed: One of the most important factors in tomato paste is its seed. At present, imported and foreign seeds have high quality and good productivity due to the use of the latest and most modern technologies in seed production. The most famous tomato seeds are Marvel, Leonardo and Marconia seeds.
There are 5,000 tomato seed packages, and about 20,000 to 25,000 hectares of seeds should be used per hectare. This tomato seed is one of the most productive tomato seeds in Iran and for investors who want to have high yields in tonnages above 100 tons and on the other hand the quality of the final product is important to them, tomato seeds will be a very suitable option.
The obvious difference between a tomato paste and a regular tomato is the amount of paste that is obtained from it. The more important a tomato paste is for a paste investor, the more added value it creates. To obtain a paste product with a certain brix number (for example, 25), the higher the initial tomato brix, the higher the paste ratio. Therefore, a small difference in the initial tomato brix can give the investor a huge profit.
Tomatoes have a stronger and more fleshy texture than other types of tomatoes and usually have fewer seeds and less water content. This means that less preparation is needed to produce the paste, and the amount of paste it can produce is far greater than other tomatoes.
Low humidity
Low grain and small grains
High efficiency
Disease resistant
High pigments
Having a fleshy texture
Profile of Rabbi Tomato
Various shapes of tomato paste

Tomatoes usually share a similar shape and image, but there are many differences in taste. Therefore, choosing the right tomato is very important in terms of taste and purchasing experts can determine it. Here are some of the most common ones:

Amish paste: This tomato is similar to Roma tomato, but sweeter with a fresher flavor. This tomato can grow up to 224 to 336 grams.
Opalka: This Polish tomato is much sweeter than other tomatoes. It is a slightly large tomato and resembles peppers and fruits that grow up to 4 to 6 inches.
Polish Linguisa: This tomato, as its name implies, is a Polish tomato. In the 1800s a Polish gardener brought it to New York.
Largest Tomato Tomatoes: Large Tomato Tomatoes are perhaps the most susceptible types of TB tomatoes to produce paste. Here are some of the biggest types of tomato paste:

Big Mama: This fleshy tomato is plum-shaped and very large, the Big Mama tomato grows up to 5 inches long and 3 inches wide.
Jerzy Doyle: This tomato is known as a large tomato and is like a banana pepper. This tomato is very juicy and grows to a length of about 12 to 15 cm.
Jersey Great: This tomato is very rare, but if you can find it or plan to grow it, it is a great option that will result in a large harvest as well as an increase in size of 10 to 15 cm.
Scientific and laboratory factors of suitable tomato paste: To select the appropriate tomato, various methods are used, which are divided into two important categories: laboratory selection and taste selection. There are many simulators that detect the firmness and texture of tomatoes. The most important factors in laboratory selection of tomato paste are listed below:
WIS, water-soluble solids
TSS, soluble solids
OSP, oxalate soluble pectin
WSP, water-soluble pectin

tomato paste from Benin

Buy tomato paste from Benin

Tomato paste is a very practical and delicious condiment. As we explained in the previous section, it is prepared from different types of tomatoes. In order to be delicious, you have to follow some things. That we mentioned all. You can contact us to buy the best tomato paste from Benin. To introduce the best products to you.

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