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Buy Tinned tomato paste natural Europe


To Buy Tinned tomato paste natural Europe, you must first make sure that the tomato is organic. Then order the amount you need from the best shopping center.

Tinned tomato paste supply
Tinned tomato paste supply

Tinned tomato paste supply

  1. tinned tomato paste in suitable packages is one of the most economical food products for use in restaurants and kitchens.
    canned tomato paste is prepared using the best types of tomatoes and is very suitable for the high consumption of large centers.
  2. This product has a license from the Ministry of Health and is produced in factories in accordance with the principles of the food industry and is sold in tin packaging.
    tomato paste has an acceptable concentration and is used in cooking all kinds of European dishes and gives them a unique taste and color.
    Tomato paste in a plastic container does not contain any chemical dyes and harmful compounds and is produced purely from healthy tomatoes.

Production of canned tomato paste

  1. tinned tomato paste is produced in different weights, which can include cans and tins of 10 to 20 kg, which makes it easy to use this tomato paste for central kitchens.
    This product is prepared from ripe tomatoes and the necessary amount of edible salt, and no unauthorized additives are used in its production.
  2. Tin and can packaging, feature free of chemical dyes and harmful compounds, weight 10 to 20 kg, red color
    canned tomato paste is rich in vitamins A and useful minerals due to the natural ingredients of tomatoes and gives a special red color and glaze to foods.
  3. This product is produced with the help of advanced machines and is the result of tomato puree, which is subjected to high temperatures and reaches the appropriate concentration of the paste.
Tinned tomato paste supply
Tinned tomato paste supply

Buy tinned tomato paste

  • When buying tinned tomato paste, pay attention to the healthiness of the packaging of this product, because tinned must be completely healthy and without dents and bulges.
  • Also, the production date and expiration date of this colorful seasoning are other points that should be considered when buying this product.
    The dates written on the label of the tomato paste must be completely intact and computerized by the paste manufacturer.
    Also, keep in mind to buy this product based on your consumption, because canned tomato paste is sold by the kilo.
  • The price of canned tomato paste can be different based on the production method and manufacturer’s brand, and the weight of this product and its quality will also affect its price.
  • Based on the features that we mentioned about this seasoning, the price of  tomato paste is much more reasonable than other packages.
    If you intend to buy this product, you can go to our website and get  tomato paste with the best quality.
    In order to register an easy order and to know the conditions of buying and selling this seasoning in the market, you can also call the numbers listed on the site.
    To buy tomato paste, there are various parameters that can be considered.

The price of tomato paste

  1. The price of tomato paste cannot be considered a fixed price because each tomato paste is different depending on the manufacturer’s brand.
    One of the factors that affect the price of this product is the price of the tomato itself, the packaging of this product, the additives that are in this product, etc.
  2. Tomato paste packaging is in the form of glass or metal cans and can have different prices accordingly.
    This product costs about 30 to 60 thousand Tomans in the standard size of 800 grams.
    In order to know more details and more accurate prices of this product, be sure to contact our sales experts
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