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Tomato paste factory for export in europe


Where are the largest Tomato paste factory for export in europe? Tomato juice concentrate products that are produced and packaged in various metallic or non-metallic packages for long-term storage after processes and the addition of salt.

Tomato paste factory for export

Tomato paste factory for export

  • We are proud to introduce you to the food industry production company. The company produces world-class tomato products in the factory with the aim of economic prosperity and job creation for its community. Due to the quality of the product and the variety of packaging, a large volume of the company’s products is offered in the export sector.
  • By receiving the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers, the company intends to increase the volume of its products.
    Tomato paste that is produced in the factory is fully approved in terms of health and all stages of paste production are mechanized and using industrial machinery. And the temperature is adjusted to produce the product so that the nutritional value of the tomato paste is maintained.

Factories of factory tomato paste

Tomato paste has a high quality and is 100% natural. Which includes the following:

  1. Pure and first-class tomato juice
    1.5% table salt
    without preservatives
    No unauthorized additives
  2. Without the intervention of thickeners such as pumpkin, starch
    In various packages including metal cans, glass, Aleppo, bulk, aseptic
    Produced and packaged in different weights
  3. Has a logo related to the food industry company
    All specifications are written on the packaging in Persian, Arabic, Russian and English.
    Has green apples Health food and medicine
  4. Has a table of nutritional value
    They are placed in 4, 6 and 12 shearings.
    Factory and office address is written on the packaging.
Tomato paste factory for export

How is tomato paste produced and distributed?

  • Europe is one of the largest exporters of tomato paste in the central region. In terms of quality, European tomato paste is higher than other continents. Europe is the largest producer of tomatoes in Germany. France is also the largest producer of tomatoes in autumn and winter. In order to distribute its quality products, our company loads the products from the factory door according to the order and sends them for distribution.
    Manufacturers of tomato paste must use new technologies for production and packaging to be able to compete with other competitors in international markets. The company has produced the best type of tomato paste with the brand with complete mastery and knowledge in this regard.
  • Greek tomato paste exports continue to show an upward trend due to increased demand, especially in Poland’s neighboring countries, which is why more and more European producers have started exporting tomato paste in recent years. In order for manufacturers to be able to export products, they must comply with rules and regulations that are in line with international standards. If they do not pay attention to these laws for export, they will surely suffer a lot of losses from the very beginning.
    excellent quality The price is right Naturalness of the product High durability is one of the important points to choose when buying tomato paste.
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