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Market for the best tomato paste factory in Africa

What do you think should be the best tomato paste? where is the Market for the best tomato paste factory in Africa.

Market for the best tomato paste

The best tomato paste

  • It is one of the vegetables with colorful, fragrant and juicy fruits. Different types of this plant are grown all over the world today. Of course, “tomatoes” are considered vegetables in terms of horticulture and lack of kernels. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Today, this fruit is consumed in various ways, raw or as a necessary ingredient for food, sauces and beverages.
  • Although the tomato is considered a fruit in botany, it is often known as a fruit. Tomato belongs to the genus Potato and is a perennial plant.
    Ask anyone what is the best product? You will hear a common answer that the best product is a product that is produced naturally and with the highest quality of raw materials. This is true of most products as well as tomato paste.
  • That means the best tomato paste should
    High quality raw materials
    Baking according to international principles and standards
    Preserve the essential ingredients of tomato paste
    Natural color
    Tomato scent
    One-handed texture with standard concentration

Market the best tomato paste

  1. For several years now, Caspian Food Industries Varna Extract Company, with its pure and first-class products, has been able to gain a significant percentage of the market for the best tomato paste in africa and its export sector. Factory tomato paste, while maintaining quality in taste and color under completely hygienic conditions under the supervision of experienced experts, using the best raw materials, has been able to show itself in the market of the best tomato paste with competing brands.
  2. The head office of we factory tomato paste with the name of Caspian Food Industries Varna Extract Company is located in Mazandaran province and in Sari city. In addition to producing, selling and exporting factory-made tomato paste products under the Chi Chi Las brand, the company is in various packages and in various weights. The quality of this product has made everyone, both at home and abroad, talk about this popular brand.
Market for the best tomato paste

All kinds of factory tomato paste

  • In the factory affiliated with this company, all kinds of tomato paste products such as thin paste sauce, thick bulk paste are produced in different weights and packages. The mission of this collection is in accordance with the needs of customers and also beyond their wishes. The managers and consultants of this company did not spare any effort to satisfy and gain the trust of consumers.
  • Nowadays, people do not get the tomato paste they need at home due to their busy schedule as well as living in apartments, and they usually get their tomato paste from stores. According to the market demand for this product, many tomato paste in different types and brands have been marketed. The best factory tomato paste should have the natural color of tomatoes. Usually some factories or workshops produce fake tomato paste, pumpkin, add breadcrumbs, baked potatoes.
  • Tomato extract contains a large number of tomato properties such as a variety of vitamins, minerals and the antioxidant lycopene. Low temperature and indirect heat in the production of factory tomato paste causes better color quality and increases the amount of lycopene in industrial tomato paste. Factory tomato paste should have the natural color of a tomato, meaning it should not be too red, which is a sign of additive colors, and not too purple. In this case, it can be said that poor quality tomatoes have been used. Has no preservatives or additives.
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