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Buy good tomato paste standard in Africa

What to do to Buy good tomato paste standard in Africa? In the following, we will explain in detail how to identify a good tomato paste.

Buy good tomato paste

Buy good tomato paste

The production process of aymaz tomato paste is in accordance with international standards. And mechanized devices and a completely hygienic environment are used.
This production complex has more than a decade of experience in the production of first-class tomato paste.
The reasons for the good quality of the tomato paste, apart from the responsibility of the managers and staff of this collection, depend on the use of first-class materials and the 100% purity of the product.
So that the manufacturer of this product guarantees its health. Ingredients of this brand include these. Use of fully ripe and healthy tomatoes, use of refined salt, without the use of flavorings, without the intervention of unauthorized substances and thickeners

Specifications of good tomato paste

  • Good tomato paste should be one-handed and free of any impurities
    Free from any nasty taste or odor such as mold or residual odor Has a good consistency
    Do not separate the water after pouring it on the plate. Tomato paste packaging should be standard
  • Have the appropriate label (including date of manufacture, expiration, storage conditions, license number, license, factory address, shelf life).Tomato paste should be ripe in color to the color of the tomato, neither light nor dark, the closer the color is to the ripe tomato.
    What is very important when using tomato paste is to use tomato paste with less impurities.
  • To detect impurities in the paste, you can pour it on a flat, white surface, such as the back of a tray, and press it with another flat object, such as a glass or the bottom of a glass, to spread the paste in a thin layer in the middle. Two levels to be placed.
  • Chi Chi Las Tomato Paste is one of the products in which the necessary care has been taken in production and all the principles and rules of production have been observed for the preparation of standard tomato paste.
  • It can be said with confidence that we Extract Company uses a combination of two ingredients of healthy and ripe tomatoes and table salt, with double heating to prevent mold to produce tomato paste.
Buy good tomato paste

Recognize good tomato paste

  • The color of the paste
  • Tomato paste color is one of the items that you can easily use. Good paste has a soft purple color.
  • Paste that has a red color is usually used additive colors. Paste concentration
  • Good tomato paste is a little firm. This firmness is especially evident when you store it in the refrigerator.
  • Loose pastes have more water, which is not desirable for the customer. In addition, loose pastes mold sooner unless strong preservatives are used.
    Cook the paste in oil
  • Sometimes pumpkin, etc. is used in the preparation of paste in addition to tomatoes.
  • If you notice black spots in the oil while cooking the paste or the paste becomes inhomogeneous (pellet pellets), this is a sign that the paste is of poor quality.
    Identify unauthorized substances in the paste
  • Identifying unauthorized materials such as paints and preservatives is not easy except with precision laboratory tools performed by domestic and international regulators.

Production of standard tomato paste in Africa

Quality tomato paste is a tomato paste that has the following ingredients:

  1. Prepared from fully ripe and healthy tomatoes.
  2. Observe all hygiene rules during production.
  3. Use the right heat for cooking to maintain the nutritional value of the paste.
  4. Use refined table salt.
  5. Have the natural color of tomato paste.
  6. Do not use unnecessary preservatives in its preparation.
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