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canned tomato paste price per ton

canned tomato paste is a food replacement product. As a tomato extract, it also contains a large amount of the properties mentioned in tomatoes. Which also is used as a seasoning in most foods. And a unique flavoring and coloring agent. Also in the past, anyone who cooked her own traditional home-made paste would never have been. In this traditional way, they wash the tomatoes and soak in water for one day. And eat and then squeeze out tomato juice after a while. Then pour it in a filter to remove the tomato juice from its rubbish. After this step, the treated water will boil the tomato to thicken. And tomato paste to hold in pottery or glassware.

But today, as in all other fields, human life has come to life. Also to make tomato paste in the most sanitary conditions, the best packaging and ultimately quality will be easily accessible to everyone.

canned tomato paste

Summary of paste production process:

  1. Get the tomatoes
  2. Soaking and washing tomato preparations
  3. Surting and washing the tomato
  4. Chopping tomatoes
  5. Primary cooking
  6. Filtration
  7. Formulated tank
  8. Condensation of tomato juice
  9. Pasteurization
  10. Filling in the box and holding it
  11. Pasteurization of the filled can
  12. Pass through the underwater cold water
  13. dry
  14. Also, Labeling and packaging

In cooking, tomato paste is one of the most important foods you need. Which is used as a permanent food additive in Iran and in the world. Tomato paste production line In the past, people themselves cooked tomato paste for their one-year use in a traditional way at home.

canned tomato paste

Tomato suitable for the preparation of paste:

Tomatoes have different varieties that come in two ways:

  1. Greenhouse Tomatoes
  2. Agricultural Tomato (Local-Industrial)

In the first case, greenhouse tomatoes, this type of tomato is usually not available at the time of the cultivation of agricultural tomatoes (locally-industrial) due to weather conditions in the cold season. To be used freshly at tables and cooking.

canned tomato paste

What is spice tomato paste?

Tomato paste production plants sometimes pack this product in bulk or as spicy. And for tomato paste packing plants to produce tomato paste in glass and cans packaging.
The spatial packaging that is being used today for paste. It is a kind of packaging that will last much more shelf life in the open air and outside the morgue. Also this is the biggest advantage of the spatial packaging. Of course, in addition to tomato paste, you can also make other corrosive food with this package. Bulk samples must be in the cold store. But there is no need for this kind of spatial type. On the other hand, the export of paste from tomatoes has caused more foreign customers to be attracted every day.

aseptic tomato paste paste 38-36 with a suitable barrel for export and aseptic tomato paste Berks 38-36 paste with normal barrels suitable for use by domestic factories. It should be noted that high quality, high durability and high quality spatial paste are suitable for production of tomato sauce and other quality products.

canned tomato paste

What are the different types of tomato paste?

Simply put, those that have a higher Brix are better. Each product is priced according to quality factors. Tomato paste quality will be based on Brix. This term indicates the concentration of tomato paste. The denser the concentrations, the less they produce in the food, the color and taste. Provided that it is produced only by itself and does not contain additives.

Pasteurization and packaging

After passing through the steam tank, the canister passes through the cold water under the shower. Then the can of a hot air fan runs through and dries. After packaging the paste, it was necessary to sterilize the cans.

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