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Cold break tomato paste aseptic brix 36.38


Cold break tomato paste aseptic brix 36.38 is the best seasoning for food. It is the best export product. If you are looking to buy and sell tomato paste in bulk from a tomato paste factory or sales representative or are looking for its price, contact us.

Cold break tomato paste aseptic

Sell ​​bulk tomato paste

Aseptic bulk in can packaging, bulk glass in Iranian tomato paste factory.
How is tomato paste usually bought? The buyers of this product are wholesalers, traders and distributors of food.
Aseptic tomato paste is often common in the wholesale market.
They then distribute the product to other consumers, such as packaging plants.
But if you have a question about what a disinfectant is.
Here are some tips to get you started:

  • It actually means disinfectant, but in the industry it is also called product packaging.
  • Aseptic increases product stability.
  • Aseptic process is a process in which the packaged product does not need to be refrigerated.

This process is used as a suitable substitute for freezing foods such as milk, yogurt, eggs and so on.
There are three categories of aseptic stages, which are mentioned below:

  1. Product heat
  2.  packing
  3.  Sterilize during packaging

Therefore, you can contact the sales manager of the factory to buy aseptic tomato paste and sell aseptic tomato paste and to know the main price of aseptic tomato paste and to buy tomato paste.

Cold break tomato paste aseptic

Production process Cold break tomato paste aseptic first class

There are two processes in the tomato paste industry called Hot Break and Cold Break. Each of these products has a different taste and price.
You may be wondering what is the reason for these differences Cold break tomato paste aseptic. To answer that, here are two types of tomato paste:

  • In the paste production process, after the tomatoes are chopped or shredded by the tomato machine, the tomato juice pulp enters the preheat.
    It can be easily cleaned to soften with the heat applied by the device.
  • The heat applied by this device is created by two processes of hot refraction and air breakage.
    Cold breaks are called temperatures below 2 ° C. The reason is the increase in enzyme activity.
  • One of the features of Cold Break is the reduction of viscosity or viscosity.
    One of the advantages and disadvantages of Cold Berak is Hot Break. The final product has a natural color and fresh taste.
  • While another study showed the opposite, a better taste and smell occurs in the hot rest process.
    In the process of hot rest and cold rest, it was found that the final product tastes better.
  • It also reduces the viscosity and viscosity of the final product in the cold failure process.
    Which also helps to produce a cheaper product than this process.
  • On the other hand, having a new flavor increases the quality of the product but increases the price.

The price of tomato paste brix 36.38

The price of tomato paste brix 36.38 depends on various parameters. Here are some of them, and then we’ll look at them:
• Brix tomato paste
• Package type
• Weight of tomato paste
• Brand
• Additives to the product
Brix with different percentages is available in the market. This is the highest demand for Brix 28-30%. But here is how to prepare brix or concentration of tomato paste in the factory:

  1. In the tomato paste packaging line process, filtered tomato juice is prepared from the tomato paste production line to complete the packaging process.
  2. Tomato paste concentration or so-called batch vacuum concentration is one of the machines for cooking tomato paste in the paste packaging process.
    Used to increase the concentration of tomato paste. This machine performs the condensate process using the plate and tube mechanism.
  3. The process of converting tomatoes to tomato paste is done in a vacuum system.
    This reduces the boiling point of boiling water and increases the quality of the condensation process.
    In the heat exchanger part of the device, special heaters are used to prevent water from burning.
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