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Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg with Brix 18-20% to worldwide

Which company is Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg with Brix 18-20% to worldwide? to receive Prices tomato paste and as well Stay with us for more information on how to ship.

Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Benefits of buying tomato paste from aymaz

At the beginning of this article, we want to give you some reasons. Get acquainted with the tomato paste you need from aymaz. Here are a few:

  • Tomato paste is one of the products that has grown rapidly in recent years. This product is one of the most important spices in world cuisine. And, in addition, the raw material of many products, such as different sauces and canned foods.
  • It is important that tomato paste is produced in this factory using fully automatic machines without the use of color additives, flavorings and preservatives. This is one of the most important reasons for distinguishing this product from other factories.
  • Such experiences have been the result of years of continuous work by nutritionists to improve the health of the community.
  • Avoid anonymous paste and badges with no expiration date or health license. Counterfeit pastes use dyes and preservatives because of their inappropriate use and lack of pasteurization process. These pastes are usually very bold and tasteless and sometimes do not mold due to preservatives used outside the refrigerator. But the paste offered in our company lacks preservatives.
Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Price of tomato paste with Brix 18_20%

Price is one of the most important criteria in tomato paste trade. One of these parameters is Brix, which is typically demanded by 18-20% by many merchants and wholesalers.
In fact, most of the clients in this sample are West and Central African countries. Especially exempt from Benin because of low duties and taxes. And then the product goes to other countries.
Because people’s income is low in these countries, most ngo companies provide this sample and provide it to families.
Other factors are effective in determining the price, as follows:

  • Percentage of Brix
  • Weight of tomato paste
  • Brand name
  • Package type
Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg

Here are some tips for exporting tomato paste. So maybe it can help you plan your tomato paste business:

  • The tomato, scientifically named Lycopersicom esculentum, belongs to the family Solanceae. Which is a botanical kind of fruit. But since 1893 the US Supreme Court has ruled it as a vegetable alongside vegetables for many years.
  • Tomato paste is one of the agricultural products exported to the target countries.
  • Tomato paste comes in different packages. But the biggest demand is tin. It is also produced in different weights. But it usually sells for 2.2 kilo grams more.

Exports of 2.2 kg tincture paste are usually exported to many countries, but most of all we export to the following countries:

  • Germany
  •  Azerbaijan
  •  Iraq
  •  Russia
  • Afghanistan
  • Africa
Export tinned tomato paste 2.2 kg

How to send tomato paste to worldwide

To buy and send tomato paste, it is enough to first select the type of tomato paste you want. Then get in touch with our sales expert on one of the ways to get your product day price.
Then send us your formal request. And after the correspondence and negotiations the product sample will be sent to you.
And you will be shipped as soon as you have the official contract and payment for your item according to your delivery location.

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