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Export tomato paste machines cheap to all over the world

How are Export tomato paste machines cheap to all over the world done? In the following, we will refer to the types of these devices. So join us.

Export tomato paste machines

Export tomato paste machines

In the following, we will discuss how to export tomato paste machines and their prices:

  • Home tomato paste making machine is one of the equipments of food industry. Which is used to produce tomato juice or tomato paste and also to sell it. Tomatoes are usually summer crops that are used in various forms in homes. Tomato paste is used in various foods. And that’s why some families are thinking of buying their own tomato paste to make their own tomato paste. Thus, this industrial water intake device is one of the most important devices for small and home businesses and also one of the most important industrial kitchen equipment. We have already got acquainted with how the tomato juice machine works, we will read more about this machine in the following.
    First of all, it should be noted that the tomato juicer will be suitable for a home production line. In industrial form and factories, various machines are used for the process of condensation and pasteurization, crushing and packaging. In this article, we will introduce you to a home-made tomato paste production machine, which speeds up the tomato juiceing process.
  • All standard tomato paste machines available in the market perform the production process in two simple ways and pressing, each of which has different capabilities. But their working method is not very important when buying and you should pay attention to their construction material, engine power and efficiency when buying.
    Items such as the type and grade of steel sheet, the type and power of the machine motor and the manufacturer’s brand are important. All this will greatly affect the cost of the tomato juice machine. Therefore, pay attention to these items when buying. Compare different products to have the best choice.
    Also, the defined capacities for these devices will be influential in determining the price. Of course, high-capacity devices are more expensive.

Mechanism and parts of the device

  1. Industrial tomato paste machines have wheels that help you a lot in facilitating the work. The engine used in the device is very powerful and has a very high power in dehydrating products. All parts of the device are made of steel and will not rust in any way.
  2. The main axis of the home-made tomato paste production machine is divided into two parts. In the first part, the crusher and in the second part, the axis of the two earrings and two blades are designed in an elongated shape, which directs the skin and eggs of the tomatoes from inside the net to the outlet of the pulp. Tomato juice comes out of the punch holes out of the net and out of the tomato juice outlet without the skin and tomato seeds in it.
  3. The top of the device is a tray. At the top of the entrance, the tray is movable. This part can be easily removed for washing inside the machine. The four wheels of the device are installed in a rotating manner for easier transportation of the device.
Export tomato paste machines

Types of home tomato paste production machines

You will need equipment to start a business or an industrial center or maybe a kitchen. Among the most widely used equipment that can be useful to you are industrial kitchen equipment and equipment such as industrial paste and paste maker. Usually paste holders are designed and produced in different types.
There are different types of tomato juice machines and they are available in small, large and medium dimensions in the market. Tomato paste production machines that we will introduce to you in different dimensions and capacities so that you can choose one of these items to perform the process of making homemade tomato paste.
Bucket tomato juicer
This model of devices collects pulp on the grid of the device by delivering pure water. These residues must be emptied by hand. You can sell these scraps to fertilizer centers.
Specifications of bucket tomato juicer
• All-steel body material
• 3 horsepower machine engine
• Power consumption required single-phase or three-phase
• Type of bucket blade machine system
Dimensions about 50 cm long, 50 cm wide and 116 cm high
Automatic tomato juicer

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