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Factory Price Concentrated Natural Tomato Paste

Natural Tomato Paste is popular. Tomato paste from food processing. As a tomato extract. Contains a large amount of tomato properties. As a condiment in most foods. It is used because of its pleasant color and taste. For a variety of meat and fried foods.

The industry also uses tomato paste. Paste is used to prepare tomato ketchup and food stuffings. In the past, some of the required paste was traditionally prepared.

But today technology has come to the aid of human beings. To make tomato paste in the most sanitary conditions and the best packaging. Finally, good quality is available to everyone.

Natural Tomato Paste

What is the general process of Natural Tomato Paste production?

Tomato paste is often used for coarse tomatoes. Tomatoes with thin skin and soft tissue are suitable. Solid Tomatoes are bright red in color. Tomatoes both in shell and in fruit are completely ripe and have a good taste. The percentage of high-soluble solids in healthy tomatoes is an advantage. Homeless tomatoes are better. Pollution of mildew and other pests is unacceptable.

Tomatoes begin to sow. Then clean and wash done. Then it is crushed and crushed with certain devices.

Of course, when crushed, they give them some heat. To eliminate the enzymes they have. The skin and seeds of tomatoes can be easily separated from its fruit. After crushing, the tomatoes are smoothed out with a flat iron. Their water is completely separated.

Then bring the tomato juice to the condenser. Concentrate it under vacuum. Make tomato juice tomato paste.

Using vacuum helps reduce heat to produce paste. As a result, it helps maintain nutrient composition. It also helps with redness of the paste. It also helps to prevent blackening of the color.

So the concentration of solids in tomato paste water reaches the standard. Then they pack it in special cans. Then they seal sterile cans. Put sterilization into the autoclave.

This will eliminate microorganisms such as molds or yeasts. And they can not grow inside the can. In this case, paste cans can be in the package.

Natural Tomato Paste

Can blood pressure patients use industrial paste?

The salt in the industrial paste is low. That is, according to the standard organization, it is about 1 to 2 percent. If more than that amount is to them, it’s cheating. use Natural Tomato Paste.

In addition, tomato paste is not in a large daily diet. Therefore, it’s not necessary to ban it. Only those who are allergic to tomato and paste. It’s best to limit your diet intake as much as possible.

Most red beans do not reflect the high nutritional value!

The color redness depends on how it is prepared. Make tomato paste tomatoes in vacuum. For this reason, their color is usually red. Is not black

Of course, pastes that are very clear do not necessarily have a good quality. Maybe they are made from calories and not picked up tomatoes. Overlapping darkness can also indicate a high temperature. The fact that the vacuum machine did not do its job properly.

Natural Tomato Paste

The amazing effect of tomato paste on cancer

Tomatoes contain a lot of pigments called lycopene, which is an antioxidant and anticancer combination. Reduces heart disease. Prevents early aging. This is the reason why red tomatoes are created.

Tomato heating will remove the cell wall. This results in the release of Lycopene. So lycopene has the most impact on tomatoes. If it’s a little heated. And its important capabilities and absorption in the body. Therefore, paste and other products obtained from tomatoes from raw tomatoes are better.

The color matter of lycopene can cause abnormal and cancerous cells to be destroyed. Researchers have shown a variety of studies. Lycopene in tomatoes, especially tomato paste, prevents prostate cancer.

Natural Tomato Paste

Important Tips When Taking Tomato Paste

It is easy to find the presence of impurities in the paste. It can be pour onto a flat and white surface like the back of the tray. Then push it with another flat surface like glass. To spread the paste. And be placed in a thin layer between two levels.

However, particles and impurities are identified. Materials such as core, shell, external puncture, wood. The waste material, if any, can easily be detected. Tomato paste should also be homogeneous. Free of any impurities and dark particles. It does not contain tomato and core shells. Also free of any flavor or odor.

Fake tomato paste sometimes does not turn on. The only main option is the use of standard products. Is. Who have health licenses. So avoid buying anonymous labels and badges. Avoid buying a paste that does not have a date of use and a health certificate.

In fake pastes, the dye and preservatives are also in use. This is due to the use of undesirable substances and the lack of pasteurization.

Natural Tomato Paste

Important recommendations on tomato paste

By opening the can of the canister, the likelihood of a reaction between the paste and the metal wall of the canister is very high. Therefore, tomato paste should be inside glass containers after opening. Also kept inside the refrigerator.

One of the natural things that comes down to this product is its mildew. Due to poor storage conditions.

Bring the refrigerator temperature to about 4 degrees Celsius. This is to prevent paste from sticking.

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