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High Quality Concentrated Tomato Paste

High Quality Concentrated tomato paste is good. Tomato is a valuable fruit. It was first recognized in the United States. It’s said tomato was about 500 BC. It cultivated in southern Mexico. The natives of Pueblo believed. Those who consume tomato seeds are blessed with the forces of the gods.

Today tomatoes are grown and grown around the world. It is available to consumers in all seasons.

High Quality Concentrated

High Quality Concentrated tomato paste

Plant sticks should have the natural color of tomatoes. That is not too red. Which in this case indicates the use of extra colors? Not very purple.

Otherwise, we can say that we have used unsafe tomatoes. Tomato paste color should be mid-range. It means between pink and red colors. There is a good way to detect tomato paste. You can strain tomato paste in oil. Then pay attention to the amount of paste found in the oil.

The good tomato paste in the oil is well opened and mixed. It is a perfectly uniform sauce. But the counterfeit and unpopulated tomato paste is not. As soon as it is added to the oil, the bullet is bullet. Mixing it is difficult.

High Quality Concentrated

Use the original High Quality Concentrated  tomato paste

Usually, some non-standard tomato paste production plants, squash, starch, and others add to the paste. Pellet bullets in oil can also be a sign of these compounds. Indications of pumpkin, starch and … inside the tomato paste. Heat the paste into the oil. If black dots are formed inside the oil. Again, the quality of the paste is low. It contains a lot of impurities.

If the time of removal of paste with a spoon was left on it, the crack was created. Indicates the fact that this paste will be moldy. This is one of the reasons moldy in tomato paste.

Do not you want to mush the tomato paste? It is best to cover the paste with a thin layer of oil. In this case, the malfunctioning process is delayed. Mildew has very long roots. Which penetrates into the depth of matter. So you have to throw away the entire container of the paste. Because with the armed eye, the depth of the root of the mildew can not be seen. Therefore, the entire container must be discarded. Consumption of products is dangerous. Because they contain fungal toxins such as aflatoxin. The person in question is prone to liver cancer.

If it was still seen in the product of mildew. It is enough to separate the coated part deeply. Apply a layer of oil on its surface. Stop the oxygenation process. And prevent mildew. Otherwise, you can keep the paste in the freezer.

High Quality Concentrated

Good tomato paste

Avoid Tomato Sauce with any notable spot. Avoid paste with darkness. The paste should be transparent without spots. Color variation may be inappropriate for raw materials. Or indicate inappropriate storage status.

These are parameters that you can check out for good quality.

Knowledgeable Extras. In general, additives are divided into two categories. Some of them should not be added to any nutrition at all. The second group is added to certain amounts of food. And are used to a lesser extent.

In other words, add-ons are added to products. That is less in the diet of the individual. But paste is a consumable food. Used routinely. Therefore, the use of additives in this product is unauthorized. Sodium benzoate, for example, is unauthorized in tomato paste. But unfortunately, some manufacturers use these additives to prevent the occurrence of mildew. So, the appearance of mildew can be a good way to detect tomato paste.

But the use of benzalone in food products is very important. and if it is used at a concentration of one tenth of a percent and less, it does not cause any health problems, but if it is too much, sodium benzoate can Combine with the acidic compound and make the benzalone compound one of the most important cancer factors.

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