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price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38% is good and affordable. The type of packaging is usually of two types. One kilo and one kilo. Tomato paste should be homogeneous. Must be free of mildew. No unwanted particles. No chemical preservatives. It has a pleasant color.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Concentrated in vacuum for tomato paste

To remove excess water, vacuum vaporizers are in use. Using the vacuum system is good. It causes the condensation to be shorter. At a lower temperature. And thus the color and the rest of the appearance of the product will better preserve. This step carried out in two-way boilers. Which are in heat by steam vapor pressure. And have a capacity of about 2.5-4.5 tons.

To deliver soluble solids in brine. And to improve the taste. About 3% – 2% of salt is to the product. Add salt automatically. Sucker pumps are to the boiling pot.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Packing for Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

The kind of paste cans are usually metal. The inner layer lacquered. And their capacity is in two types of half a kilo and one kilo. These canisters sterilized before being filled with steam. And automatically sterilized. And then transported by the conveyor to the filling station. Filling is also done all the way. Then the exhaust action performed by steaming. And to take out air between the product and create a relative vacuum.

After exhaust, they are closed in cans. By roller machine. And then placed on the conveyor belt. Reticulated by a jet printer. Which includes the construction series. Includes production date and expiration date. bye price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Temperature process for tomato paste

This step takes place in boiling water boiler. That way cans. Immediately after reintroduction. The cans transported to a boiling pot. Depending on the cans, boiling water is under heat at 100 ° C for 80-45 minutes. And process the temperature. Cooling is done by spraying cold water. Cooling is done on the cans after removing the pot.

Labeling and packaging complete by the workers. It has made by starch glue. The system is also useful for packaging.

The half-kg cans are packed in 24 packages. And canisters of a kilogram in twelve packages of 24. And cans of a kilogram in packages of 12.

price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%

Tomato paste quality control tests

a) physical tests

1- Experiment to determine the amount of soluble solids in water or brix

Brix is important for home use. Regardless of salt. Brix should be at least 25%. Considering that 2-3% of the salt is added to the solution. The final brix is 28% -27%. so, see the price Drum Tomato paste 36-38%.

Brix tests performed by manual or desktop refractometers.

2- Examination of impurities

Tomato paste should be homogeneous. Free of impurities and dark particles. Without core and shell and fibers. It is free of odor and odor. Check the amount of impurities on a smooth tile. It casts on a white tile. And it should be press with a transparent glass plate. To create a thin layer of paste between two levels. And unwanted particles such as nuclei, shells. Particles, such as plant residues, burnt particles, etc., well defined. And they can be understood by their amount and type.

b) chemical tests

1 – PH test

The standard pH value for tomato paste is about 4.3. Measured by PH meters. Or measured by other methods.

2- Salt test using Wollard method

2.5 g of sample per 100 ml. And from that cc10. And add 0.5-1.5 milliliters of Potassium Chromate. We titrate with 0.1 normal silver nitrate. As long as its color becomes red brick. We multiply the silver nitrate consumption by 585 /. The resulting number should be between 3-2.

Preparation of Potassium Chromate Reagent

50 gr of dry potassium chromate to 100 cc.

c) Microbiological testing

Identification of bacteria and molds should be done. The product uses two serum agar (O.S.A) and (Y.G.C) agar culture media.

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