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Immediate export of tomato paste aseptic without intermediaries

The products obtained from the concentration of tomato juice, which are produced and packaged in various metal or non-metallic packages for long-term storage, after processes and the addition of salt, are called tomato paste. The condition for the quality of a good and natural paste is the use of the best raw materials, without the intervention of preservatives, unauthorized materials and thickeners. Immediate export of tomato paste aseptic without intermediaries are done by our company.

Immediate export of tomato paste

Immediate export of tomato paste aseptic

  • Immediate export of tomato paste ​aseptic work is very attractive. Stay tuned for more. I will talk to you about the working methods and problems on the way, as well as how to sell these products immediately.
  • This is the way to sell tomato paste in bulk. Tomato paste of our company is produced by Food Industries Company with a history. Which has the same wholesale conditions as other goods. And tomato paste with these brands is produced in the best conditions and 100% natural. And major retailers have bought products in high volumes for domestic sales, and the export sector at lower prices. And sell to retailers and end consumers at lower volumes and higher prices. It should be noted that the products of this company are completely natural and guaranteed.
  • Problems in exporting tomato paste: There have always been problems in exporting. But thanks to God, our group has been able to overcome these problems. Export problems include the following:
  1.  High cost
  2.  Increasing the price of product raw materials
  3.  transport cost

Export the best tomato paste

  • Here we want to share with you a brief explanation about the best export tomato paste currently in the export market, and the most detailed definition is when you use this product in your food and realize its quality yourself.
  • The best tomato paste exported to Iraq with the brand name Chi Chi Las is the company that produces this product from the best raw materials and with fully mechanized machines and according to international principles and standards to produce pure tomato paste (completely tomatoes). Ripe and salt) has acted.
Immediate export of tomato paste

Sell ​​tomato paste without intermediaries

Aseptic tomato paste is for export and is not produced for domestic consumption. This type of tomato paste is produced under vacuum and stored in special bags that last up to two to three years and are produced only for export. In general, importers do not usually buy non-aseptic paste.

  1. What is a bulk sale? Wholesale or wholesale sales in the sense refers to sales in large volumes, which is one of the components of the supply chain. When a commodity is produced, large quantities are sold to wholesalers, who sell most of the goods to retailers who ultimately connect with the end customers. Wholesale sales have the following features. Prices are lower in wholesale.
  2.  A lot of capital is needed.
  3. Competition in this area is low.
  4.  The exchange volume is high.
  5.  Variety of product deals is limited.
  6.  The area of ​​operation is developed and sent to other cities
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