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Production of diet home-made tomato paste at factory prices in Europe

Do you know which company does the Production of diet home-made tomato paste at factory prices in Europe? As you know, many people are in favor of home-made tomato paste. For more information about this, you can contact our sales expert.

diet home-made tomato paste

Comparison of home and factory tomato paste

  • Although homemade tomato paste may seem difficult and time consuming, it is much more enjoyable to use than factory-made pastes.
    Homemade tomato paste is completely different and tastier than that. That you buy ready-made from the supermarket where you live.
    Making tomato paste at home takes almost a full day of your time. In fact, you have to stand all over the pot all day and stir it constantly. And at the end of the day, prepare your tasty tomato paste.
  • One of the advantages of homemade pastes over factory pastes is the lack of additives such as preservatives. When tomato paste is prepared under the supervision of an individual, it can be used by all members of the family.
  • For example, with salt control, homemade paste can be used for people with high blood pressure. People with celiac disease should eat gluten-free foods.
    This is why home remedies can be the best option for them. Because it is free of gluten and additives.
    Also, the type of tomato and how to cook it will be done according to your wishes. And you determine the amount of heat and time required to cook the paste.
    The slower the paste is cooked, the more consistent it will be and the richer it will be in terms of nutritional value. Whereas, factory-made tomato paste is useless in this regard.

Buy tomato paste at factory prices in Europe

If for any reason you can not prepare homemade tomato paste. Or if you are a trader and distributor of these food products and canned foods, sauces and condiments. And you intend to use homemade tomato paste to sell better and more and offer quality goods to your customers. You can buy all kinds of home-made tomato paste from our company at the factory price. And distribute and sell throughout Europe.

diet home-made tomato paste

Steps of production of diet homemade tomato paste

  • To explain the process production of diet homemade tomato paste, we first mention how to choose tomatoes: The type of tomato you choose is effective in the final amount of paste.
  • For example, if you use strongly ripe and cracked tomatoes, you may end up with only three small jars of paste. But using meaty tomatoes will give you twice that amount of paste.
  1. How to prepare
  2. Ingredients Tomato paste
  3. Tomatoes 100 kg
  4. 1 kg of oil
  5. Salt 1 pack of 400 g
  6. Wired net with very small houses

How to prepare tomato paste

  • Cut the tomatoes in half or if they are big, divide them into four parts. Then, mash the chopped tomatoes by hand. Then pour them into a large pot and place on the stove. Until it boils and their skin is easily removed. Then pour it into a wire mesh to flatten it.
  • Now put the tomato juice on the heat again. And leave it until the water runs out and the paste thickens. At this time, pieces of paste usually jump into the air. The concentration of the paste should not be so loose that it will mold quickly. And not so hard that it tastes like a burn.
  •  In the last step, pour the oil and let it cook for a few minutes. You can also add salt at this stage. The salt prevents the paste from becoming moldy, and the oil does not freeze if the paste is stored in the freezer. Finally, cool the resulting paste and pour into a glass. And cover it with olive oil.
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