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import tomato paste canned at china

Import tomato paste canned is one of the vegetables and with juicy, juicy fruits. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and lycopene. Also a variety of sauces and beverages, and is an important part of the diet of people in many countries. The cultivation of this plant, in general, has an area of about three million hectares, accounting for nearly one-third of the total cultivated area in the world. Tomato belongs to the diet of potatoes and is a plant of many years.

import tomato paste canned

Tomato varieties

Today, thousands (nearly 7,500) tomatoes are cultivated worldwide. These figures vary in size, shape, colour and taste. Their diameter may be from 1 or 2 centimetres (cherry tomatoes and wild tomatoes) to 10 centimetres (beef tomatoes). However, most tomatoes have a diameter of 5, 6 centimetres in Qatari shopping centres. Most tomato varieties have reddish fruits, yet the fruit is also yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, black and white.

Tomato paste is a thick paste used in cooking. for making tomato paste after grains and peanuts, tomatoes are pressed for several hours. Then reduce its concentration and recycle the product to obtain a more concentrated content. Also, Fars province is the largest tomato production in the country. Bushehr province is the largest tomato producer in the fall and winter season. The tomatoes harvested in Moghan plain are one of the best tomato cultivars to produce a paste. Generally, tomato paste companies have a great desire to supply The raw materials are from this area.

import tomato paste canned

Import tomato paste canned

The largest import tomato paste canned in the world are Italy, China, USA, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, which are our rivals in exporting this product. The largest importers of tomato paste in the world are Germany, England, Japan and France. Important countries of tomato paste from Iran are Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, Russia and Kazakhstan, respectively. Iran is one of the largest exporters of tomato paste in the region after Turkey. In terms of quality tomato paste, Iran is higher than Turkey. Tomato paste manufacturers need to use new technologies for production and packaging in order to compete with other rivals in international markets.

import tomato paste canned


China, with about a quarter of global production (mostly consumed in the domestic market), followed by the United States, Turkey, India, Italy, Egypt and Iran was the largest tomato producer this year. Tomato production usually grow into two distinct categories. Production for fresh consumption (tomato market) and production for conversion (industrial tomatoes). Industrial tomatoes (which are commonly a type of tomato) are about one-tenth of European production.

import tomato paste canned

Detecting high-quality paste through colour

The home and factory paste should have the natural colour of the tomato, that is, not very red, which in this case indicates the use of extra colours and not very purple ones, in which case it would be possible to use unsophisticated tomatoes. The middle should be between pink and red.

Tomato paste is a popular food drink that is commonly used among Iranians and also it is used to consume more food, such as pasta, sugar,  and all kinds of meat and fried foods.

Tomato paste applicate to make ketchup, canned food and more. What is important in using this seasoned flavour is its natural, good, and unique flavour.

Nowadays, people do not need to make their own home-made paste at home as a result of their busy bushes as well as apartment buildings, and they usually make their own tomato paste from the stores. Given the market’s need for this product, many tomatoes are available in various brands and brands.

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