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Tomato Paste Brix 36-38 & 28-30 Wholesale

Tomato paste brix is a product of the concentration of tomato juice and is available in various forms. Including tomato paste, canned tomato paste and Tomato paste of Spitak. Today, the tomato paste product in mechaniz line in factories. To create tomato paste, it develop industrially and also replace by various traditional methods.
Tomato paste quality also measure with various parameters including apparent parameters. Such as color, odor, taste and physical and chemical parameters. One of the most important physical parameters to be evaluated for measuring the quality of the paste is the tomato paste’s BRIC. It actually represents the concentration of tomato paste. And also in fact, the higher the tomato paste will be, the thicker the paste will be.


Tomato paste brix

Define Brix of tomato paste

Tomato paste brix is the ratio of dissolved ingredients in tomato paste that is calculated regardless of the amount of salt. To calculate the grade of tomato paste, the refractometer is used, which will be discussed in the next section.

Tomato paste brix


Method of measuring tomato paste brix

Measuring the degree of tomato paste in accordance with the test method. That provided by the National Standard is that the sample prepared from the tomato paste in the paper should be poured into a filter and, after being flattened, put one drop of it into the refractometer unit. . The refractometer is an apparatus that estimates the transparency of solids by calculating the refractive index of light. And sometimes referre to as a breakthrough device.

Before dropping the specimen into the refractometer, one drop of distill water place on the eye of the device and the marker level set to zero. When the droplet of the sample flatten onto the lens of the refractometer and a drop of distill water. The person who performs the test should observe the hemisphere’s refractometer’s eye, the white hemisphere belonging to distilled water and the black hemisphere belonging to the specimen is. The black hemisphere image is usually not clear. And the experimenter must divide the circle into two dark and light sections by turning the adjustment knob. The number obtained  with these settings is equivalent to half a ton of tomato paste.

Tomato paste brix

Tomato paste brix standards

The National Iranian Standards Organization, in Standard No. 761, entitled Tomato Paste, has set standards for the apparent, physical and chemical parameters of tomato paste canned. In accordance with this standard, the number 25 is the minimum acceptable number for the degree of tomato paste. The National Standards Organization also specifies some of the parameters for floral tomato paste. Including color, flavor and pH, in standard No. 5766, which does not specify a specific degree for broccoli tomato paste. Is. There are also no specific numbers provided by the National Iranian Standards Organization regarding the necessary attestations for grade Brix, however, at least the numbers required for tomber paste from Citroen’s consultants are as follows:

  • Brix Canned Tomato Paste: 25 to 28
  • Brice Tomato Sauce Flower: 28 to 32
  • Brice Pasta Tomato Paste: 32 to 38

Tomato paste brix

Wholesale tomato paste

Tomato Pure Brix 38-36 sale in large quantities. Also high quality and durable briquettes are good for tomato sauce and other quality products.
One of the other factors affecting the quality of tomato paste take for harvesting. During the period of harvest or change in the conditions of cultivation in the area. Significant changes is in the characteristics of tomatoes. Therefore, the selection of suitable varieties with the preservation of the desired characteristics during the exploitation period is very important.

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