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sell tined tomato past 400g

Sell tinned tomato paste 400g without added chemicals. Double concentrated tomatoes 28% minimum, of thick and homogeneous consistency. use for the preparation of your sauce or pizza base, to dilute for a better rendering.

Concentrated tomatoes made from tomatoes from France, more precisely from Provence and the Rhone Valley. This tomato concentrate obtain by sieving tomatoes, then concentrating by eliminating part of the water contained the juice obtained.

sell tined tomato past

The mechanism of natural tomato paste production

To prepare tomato paste, after grains and pea obtain. In contrast to tomato puree, it contains cooked tomatoes, which resides between tomato paste and chopped tomatoes. The tomato contains a little carbohydrate and helps lower blood sugar levels. Also, chromium in this plant helps control blood sugar and prevents high blood pressure. The antioxidants in tomatoes protect the circulation and kidneys, the parts of the body that often damag by diabetes. It is also a good source of lycopene and vitamin C. It makes you sleep well. Tomatoes with a specific brix means the concentration and rigidity of tomatoes that are more suitable, more suitable and provide better quality. Determining the specific brix for the manufacturer is more important in the export of paste.

sell tined tomato past

aseptic packaging of tinned tomato paste

There are many standards in the packaging and production of spice paste, and in Iran. This kind of packaging is more common for tomato paste. The production of spice paste means that, first, the tomato paste materials and containers steriliz. And then in a vacuum, the tomato paste also pour into them. The package is in a condition that prevents the entry and penetration of the microbe. And these conditions can prevent the growth of germs again. The spatial production in Iran accept for the export of paste to European countries, and the production of tomato paste is less done.
Tomato paste in glass packaging, metal cans are available in various sizes such as 400 g and …

sell tined tomato past

The stages of tomato paste production in factories

Among the various machines for the production of tomatoes and packaging for sell sell tinned tomato paste 400g. The Nautilus, Bach, Periheater, Capping, Pasteurizer, Pasteur Tunnel, Filling and Capping are among the most important devices, each with different and distinctive features and features. The paste-producing factories use two types of hot brushes and crackers from the periheater. There are few tubes in this machine, among them the water flow and the choppe tomato stump carry out together. The temperature of chopped tomatoes in the peritheter device in the Koldbrik method is up to 70 ° C and in The Hot Breaking method reaches 90 ° C. This is done in order to separate the skin from the pulp and obtain the tomato juice.

After the periheter machine in the tomato production line at the factories, the material passes through a filter of different diameters to separate the tomato paste from the pulp. Next, the tomato paste concentrat to the desired brix by the evaporator (County Nivus) Gets All the steps mentioned before reaching the specified brix, depending on the type of machine and based on the technical specifications of the production lines, create different tomato paste.

The grapefruit with a specific brix is one of the most specialized and most important cases when producing tomato paste. Today, according to the goal of production. Including bulk selling, packaging in metal cans, packaging in glass, packaging, and more generally domestic exports or domestic sales, the company will be different. At the end of the production of paste Tomatoes are added to the condensed matter. Filling machine One of the devices that tomato paste production line in the packaging of liquid products such as metal cans puts particular.

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